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By Helen Cooper on 28th February, 2018.

Original and Exclusive Clothing, Accessories and Gifts

Secura are pleased to announce that online retailer, TruffleShuffle, have chosen our Virtual Private Cloud hosting platform to support their e-commerce site selling retro clothing and gifts.

Do It! TruffleShuffle

TruffleShuffle specialise in supplying exclusive retro clothing and gifts. Founded in 2004 with the simple idea of designing and supplying retro t-shirts, the business has grown massively, and have now sold over two million t-shirts and counting.

The TruffleShuffle team are passionate about all things retro and work hard to source the best old school and cult TV, film, games and music products from all over the world.

The TruffleShuffle site now boasts an extensive collection of retro t-shirts, clothing, homeware, accessories and gifts created both by their own internal product development team and by independent designers.

The exclusivity, novelty and range of the TruffleShuffle products really sets them apart from other e-commerce sites, and they make a huge effort to create the feeling and experience of a vintage shop in an online setting.

Old School / New School Customer Service

The TruffleShuffle team are also passionate about delivering first-class customer service and understand the modern online shopper’s need for lots of information and rapid shipping.

Customer orders ship the same day by First Class or Special Delivery post, ensuring that customers receive their goods within a maximum of a couple of days.

The TruffleShuffle team actively encourage their customers to get involved and offer feedback, with any special requests taken into consideration when it comes to what products make their way onto the site.

E-commerce Growth

As with any e-commerce business, the availability of the TruffleShuffle website is critical to revenue generation, and downtime is extremely harmful, both to cash flow and brand perception and customer confidence.

As their inventory and sales started to grow, TruffleShuffle recognised the importance of a hosting platform that delivers robust performance and high availability with cost-effective, rapid scale as they needed to add additional resources.

Hey You Guys!

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is designed with critical online e-commerce websites and software in mind and comes with high availability as standard for any customer hosting on the platform.

There are no single points of failure in the cloud platform, network or data centre infrastructure, giving e-commerce businesses like TruffleShuffle the confidence that their website is supported by hosting that will keep them online, all the time.

TruffleShuffle can quickly add resources to cope with fluctuations in site traffic during seasonal spikes, maintaining customer experience online during these busy periods. When traffic returns to more predictable levels, resources can be scaled back just as simply.

The resource-based pricing structure of the VPC means that TruffleShuffle have complete control over the costs of their platform, only paying for what they use, with no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

TruffleShuffle are an original and exciting e-commerce retailer with some unique products and we’re delighted to be working with them, particularly all the Goonies fans in the office! The VPC will be a great fit for their dynamic and fast-growing business, and we’re confident they will quickly see the benefits of the platform.

To find out more about TruffleShuffle and their products, please visit their website at:

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