KT Secure Make the Move to the Virtual Private Cloud

By Helen Cooper on 26th February, 2018.

Leading Providers of End-to-End Cyber Security Solutions

Secura are pleased to welcome KT Secure to our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) hosting platform.

About KT Secure

Founded in 2009, KT Secure are a leading provider of tailored cloud security solutions and managed services. Offering a wide range of services including Cloud Security, Data Loss Prevention, Identity and Access Management, Endpoint Security and Penetration Testing; KT Secure specialises in offering tailored solutions to meet their clients’ needs.

As an approved supplier of end-to-end cyber security solutions for the automotive, banking, and accountancy sectors, KT Secure ensures their customers have access to highly experienced security experts to enable them to maintain a proactive defence against external and internal threats.

Cloud Security and Penetration Testing

KT Secure offers comprehensive cloud security services to enable businesses to protect their infrastructure and systems from malicious activity, as well as ensuring all financial and operational advantages of the cloud are maximised.

KT Secure’s experts help customers select the right cloud provider to suit their individual requirements, advising on implementation, integration and the ongoing security optimisation of cloud environments.

As part of their data protection and security services, KT Secure also provides penetration testing and security assessments that detect attack surfaces within clients’ infrastructure. Providing detailed recommendations and remedial actions, KT Secure helps businesses protect themselves against determined hackers and organised criminals.

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting with Secura

As specialists in cyber security services, KT Secure required optimum security for their own infrastructure. The Secura Virtual Private Cloud offers secure by design architecture and delivery from multiple Tier 3+ data centre facilities.

Secura and all our data centre partners are fully ISO 27001 accredited; an essential requirement for KT Secure to ensure they are compliant with industry best practice standards.

The VPC platform has been purpose-built to keep businesses always online, offering a resilient, highly available infrastructure, with no single points of failure across the platform, network and data centre facilities. A perfect fit for the stable, secure services and reputation that KT Secure must maintain.

Advanced Security Services

To further enhance the security of their VPC platform, KT Secure added Secura’s Web Protect suite to their solution.

Designed to increase the security, protection and performance of critical online applications and services, Web Protect provides best in class mitigation against DDoS attacks and protection against vulnerability exploits, network intrusion, viruses and malware, giving KT Secure the assurance that their services are fully protected online.

For KT Secure, it was also vital to have a robust disaster recovery service in place to protect against loss of data and to recover services rapidly, minimising any potential impact on their own security services in the event of an incident.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols commented:

We’re delighted that KT Secure has chosen our VPC hosting to support their cyber security and managed services. They have a wealth of experience within the sector and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits that the VPC and Web Protect offer to such a security focused business.

To find out more about KT Secure and their range of services, please visit their website at: ktsecure.co.uk.

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