Backing up and Restoring a SQL Database

By John Biswell on 3rd March, 2011.

Backing up and Restoring a SQL Database

Below is a simple, brief overview of backing up and restoring a SQL database, should you ever need to.

If you have a dedicated SQL Server you will be able to backup your databases to your server. If you use a shared database you will need to contact the Secura Hosting Support Department and ask them to take a backup for you.

The Process

Open SQL Server so you can see a list of all your databases. Right-click on the database you wish to backup and choose “Tasks” then “Back Up…”.

We will have already set the backup paths for you so all you need to do from here is click “Options” and check the radio button next to “Overwrite all existing backup sets”. Once you have done that click OK to start the backup.

To restore a backup right-click on the database you wish to restore to and choose “Tasks”, “Restore” then “Database”. Click the “From Device” radio button then click the “…” button. Click “Add” browse to the backup file you just created or another backup you wish to use and click OK and OK. Make sure you have a tick in the box under “Restore” then click on “Options” and check the box next to “Overwrite the existing database”. Make sure that the “Restore As” paths are correct and are pointing the the new database files. Click OK to start the restore.

Please note Secura Hosting cannot take responsibility for any loss of data while following these steps. If you are unsure of any parts of these processes then please stop and contact our support department who will be able to guide you through the process.

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