Planes, Chinooks and Automobiles – The Red Bull Air Race

By Neal Wilkinson on 1st September, 2014.

A Day Out That Gives You Wings

In August, the Secura team along with some of our customers and their families, enjoyed an exciting day of stunts, high-speed racing and soft drink themed attractions at the Red Bull Air Race.

The weather was (mostly) kind and Ascot Racecourse provided a fantastic backdrop and venue for the day’s aerial action. The whole Red Bull sports marketing machine was in full attendance and there were plenty of activities available for big kids and little kids alike.

A Helicopter Isn’t Supposed To Do That, Is It?

A Red Bull F1 car was on display, the Red Arrows appeared briefly and two incredibly hardy souls performed a series of wing-walking stunts that made me feel a sudden wave of of gratitude for the ground based nature of my marketing role.

The amazing Chinook begins a dive

Above: The incredible Chinook starts a dive.

The star of the early show however, was the Chinook. The huge, two rotor helicopter did some frankly amazing aerobatics that had the crowd completely spellbound. Huge cheers followed this eye-watering display and the stage was well and truly set for the racing to follow.

Smoke On

The racing was broken into three sections, with pilots eliminated at each stage until only four remained. The final four included two home grown pilots, Nigel Lamb and Paul Bonhomme, which added a patriotic fervor to a crowd who had already consumed far too many sugary energy drinks.

Noise and excitement levels were extremely high as the racers set out on the final runs.

Team Secura get behind the British Pilots in the final round!

Above:The girls from Team Secura cheer on the British hopefuls in the final round!

Defending Red Bull champion Paul Bonhomme, willed on by the 30,000 strong crowd clinched first place just ahead of Nigel Lamb, with Nicolas Ivanoff of France, in third. Cue Union Jack waving celebrations, cheering, shouting and a generally fantastic end to an action-packed day.

A highly recommended family friendly day out, with the event getting a very big thumbs-up from everyone in the Secura party. Even the inevitable slog through post-event traffic to the M25 could not dampen our spirits.

Now, back to those firewalls…

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