ActiPath Choose Specialist SaaS Hosting on Secura’s VPC

By Sally Bryant-Haswell on 26th September, 2018.

The Secura team is pleased to welcome programme management platform experts, ActiPath, to the Secura Virtual Private Cloud hosting platform.

About ActiPath

ActiPath provide innovative software solutions for end-to-end management and information capture in structured programme environments. These programmes can be anything from clinical trials or research projects, to market research initiatives and individual or group assessments.

The ActiPath Platform

The ActiPath solution is delivered to customers through the cloud, enabling users to manage their programmes through a series of stages, capturing varying amounts of information at each stage, and providing outcome analysis based on this information.

The platform is highly configurable, intuitive and secure, and can be tailored to meet a wide range of programme scenarios, ensuring that sensitive user data is protected.

Users are also able to regulate what information will be captured through each stage, as well as who can interact with the programme and to what level.

Once the desired information has been captured, users are able to determine which elements should be archived, which should be exported and which should appear on the programme dashboard.

SaaS Hosting on the Virtual Private Cloud

ActiPath require secure, reliable and highly available hosting to support the delivery of the critical applications that support their customers’ projects and the Secura VPC is the ideal platform on a number of levels.

The Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure and network is all highly available by design and as standard for every customer, giving the team at ActiPath the peace of mind that their applications will always be online and accessible to their clients 24/7.

As a business with a solution that processes and stores confidential client data, the security of that data and the integrity of the hosting platform is of the utmost importance to ActiPath.

The VPC’s infrastructure design and management process are all secure by design, with the platform delivering all services from multiple Tier 3, UK-based data centres, which all have rigorous procedures and processes in place to ensure the very highest levels of security.

Secura and all our data centre partners that support the VPC infrastructure are ISO 27001 accredited, giving ActiPath the assurance that their information security is aligned with the very latest industry best practice guidance and standards.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

It’s great to welcome another SaaS business to the Virtual Private Cloud and ActiPath have a really exciting solution that we’re looking forward to supporting. The VPC is designed with businesses like ActiPath in mind, so it will be great to watch how the platform supports their business as they continue to grow.

To find out more about ActiPath and their software solutions, please visit their website at:

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