The cloud’s ability to scale to handle growing or diminishing business demands presents one of its most important features, and perhaps its most defining selling point.

The simplicity in which cloud customers can add or take away resources enables businesses to align their platform with demand, and adapt to changing requirements quickly and effectively.

In this short guide we give an overview of how a scalable cloud solution can improve business productivity and cost efficiencies. The guide highlights some of the important features to consider when looking for a scalable solution for your business, and explains how Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) can help your business align hosting costs with revenue.

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The Virtual Private Cloud: A Scalable Solution

At Secura, we understand scalability is one of the top priorities for many of our customers, and this is why we designed our Virtual Private Cloud with granular scalability. This flexibility is especially beneficial for businesses with unpredictable demand through seasonal spikes in traffic, such as e-commerce sites, or for those businesses that need to add or remove capacity for new customer accounts or projects, such as a SaaS business or digital agency.

With just a few clicks, VPC resources can be rapidly scaled up and down at any time adding or removing capacity from the shared resource pool.

The Virtual Private Cloud utilises a resource-based pricing model, ensuring you only ever pay for the resources you actually need. Pricing is clear, concise and transparent, making it easy to align your cloud budget with business demand and revenue.

It’s critical that your applications and web servieces are consistently performing at the necessary levels. With the VPC, you can wave goodbye to noisy neighbours, as the platform is isolated and uncontended. This ensures you always get the resource performance you need and is reflected in our strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The Virtual Private Cloud and its supporting data centres and infrastructure is all highly available, with no single points of failure. We guarantee a 99.99% high availability across our service to ensure your applications and services stay online.

Click on the link below to see the full breakdown of the Virtual Private Cloud’s technical specifications.

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    Technical Features

  • Built on enterprise-class VMware software
  • Isolated virtual networks
  • 10GbE resilient network fabric throughout the platform
  • Latest generation technology from Dell, Compellent, HPE and 3PAR
  • High performance SSD storage
  • Delivered from three Tier 3+ data centre sites in the UK
  • Underpinned by our wholly owned 10Gb/s dark fibre network

  • Next Level Support

  • ISO 20000 accredited service desk support
  • 24/7, 365 support coverage
  • Choose a level of management that works for you

  • Secure By Design

  • Infrastructure design in-line with security best practice reference architecture
  • ISO 27001 accredited
  • Bolt-on advanced cloud security with Web Protect

  • High Availability

  • High availability as standard for all customer solutions
  • 99.99% availability SLA
  • Higher SLAs available for custom services
  • Guaranteed resources with zero RAM and storage I/O contention

  • Flexible And Transparent Pricing

  • Resource-based pricing
  • Metered or un-metered options – choose the best for you
  • Clear and easy to understand billing

  • Granular Scalability

  • Scale CPU, RAM and storage
  • Incremental, granular control of your resources
  • Tailor your platform to your exact need – with no waste

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This free guide discusses why a cloud solution’s ability to scale should be a top priority, and introduces Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud, a solution designed to be highly flexible.

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The Secura Guide to Scalability

This free guide provides some of the key characteristics of a scalable platform to consider when moving onto the cloud or selecting a cloud hosting provider.

Being able to handle growing or diminishing business demands is a vital aspect of a business’s IT infrastructure. That’s why harnessing a scalable cloud solution is so important, helping to improve your business productivity and cost efficiencies.

We’ve developed this guide to help you find a solution that can scale to the needs of variable business demands and support your business through periods of change and growth.

We know that making a decision about your IT solution requires plenty of thought and consideration – so we’re here to help.

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