The Perfect Foundation for SaaS

Cloud solutions can offer a range of benefits for business application software developers. Including improvements to efficiency, increases in security and greater financial stability and predictability.

If you design and deliver business applications and software, the Secura virtual private cloud can provide a secure, flexible and cost-efficient foundation for your business.

The flexible commercial terms and complete customisation that the platfom offers makes it the perfect environment to support SaaS delivery and development.

Business Application Software Developer Solutions

Key Features & Benefits

  • Grow your infrastructure with your users
  • Increase access with cloud delivery
  • Flexible, affordable test and dev
  • Robust, secure resilient infrastructure
  • Built in disaster recovery

SaaS Cloud Benefits

Develop Fast

Cost Effective Test & Dev

Test and development is crucial and creating these environments within our platform is quick, simple and cost effective.

Our resource based pricing means there is no large financial commitments involved when you need to create staging and development environments and they can be provisioned rapidly as and when you need them.

Grow with Your User Base

Keep Income and Expenditure Aligned

With the Secura VPC, you can grow your cloud infrastructure inline with your user base, only committing to additional resources as you need them.

You will always have the right-sized platform for your needs, matching your infrastructure expenditure to your revenue and never paying for expensive resources you are not using.

If the worst should happen and some customers decide to leave, your infrastructure can flex to the decreased demand. Scale back your usage and your costs to keep your financial equilibrium.

Deliver Anywhere

Deliver Across Devices, Wherever There’s Internet

Increase the reach of your apps and software and speed up delivery.

Your customers can access your application from any location with the internet, using a greater number of devices if your application supports them.

You will no longer have to spend long days on customer sites installing your software on PCs and you can roll-on updates, centrally.

Native Security

Protect Your Data and Customers

Solutions on the Secura VPC benefit from native disaster recovery capabilities and highly secure infrastructure to protect your application and customer data.

All the virtual private cloud infrastructure is highly available and hosted across multiple Tier III and Tier III + data centre sites, with multiple feeds from Tier I transit providers.

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