5 Reasons to Choose a Private Cloud

By Mark Castle on 13th June, 2013.

‘Cloud’ has been a buzz word for sometime now and the uptake of cloud services continues to rise at an ever increasing rate. So, why would you choose a private cloud solution over the many others available in the market? Let’s find out…

Choose a Private Cloud

Secura Hosting offer a number of cloud services to suit the needs of your business and one of the options that is rapidly becoming more and more popular with our clients is private cloud hosting. If you are a business considering migrating to cloud services, here are my top 5 reasons for opting for the private cloud solution:

1. Flexibility

An enterprise class private cloud solution offers the ultimate level of flexibility. Private cloud solutions can be built from the ground up and designed to meet the exact needs of the client. The important point is that this design does not only take into account the technical performance requirements but also the Service Level Agreement and data protection compliance levels that are required.

2. Security and Privacy

Of course many public clouds out there are extremely secure but you will never have complete control over who can access your data in the same way that you can with a private cloud.

3. Location of data:

Can you be sure where you business critical data is being stored on a public cloud? Does it matter to you if this is in the US, Hong Kong or the UK for example? Many of the cheaper cloud providers will not specify where your data is held. When designing private cloud infrastructure this is a key part of the build process.

4. Performance

This is the obvious advantage of a private cloud solution. All of the hardware resources that are part of the cloud are dedicated to your applications and are not shared by anyone else’s applications. You can determine exactly how many processor cores, how much RAM and how many disk IOPS you need and that is what you will get.

5. Introducing existing investment

This is perhaps one of the lesser discussed reasons but is still very important for companies looking to migrate to a private cloud solution. Since the private cloud is designed to fit the enterprise’s needs and from the ground up it is possible to migrate existing internal servers and applications into the new private cloud infrastructure.

These are just a few of the advantages of an enterprise private cloud solution. We are seeing more and more small to medium enterprises coming to us for assistance in bringing their own internal systems into the cloud (as well as migrating existing public cloud services).

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Mark Castle


Marks is a director at Secura hosting and one of our resident Network specialists.

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