Private Cloud Hosting
Built For Your Business

Secure, high-performance private cloud
starting at just £1,995 per month

Our hosting experts will work with you to design a secure, scalable and cost-effective private cloud solution that will support your needs now, and in the future.

Contact us today to start building a private cloud hosting solution for your business and requirements.

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Private Cloud Hosting

Secure, Cost-Effective Cloud Built For Your Business

Get your website and software applications online in the cloud with secure, cost-effective private cloud hosting from only £1,995 per month.

Technology from Dell and VMware


Private Cloud Hosting

The Secura private cloud offers a powerful,affordable platform that can scale easily as your business grows and your requirements change.

Pricing starts at £1,995 per month and is a cost-effective way to get your business’s site and applications in the cloud.

Secure, Air-Gapped Infrastructure

Secure, Air-Gapped


A Secura private cloud provides a robust platform for businesssystems and services to comply with the most rigorous security, compliance and regulatory standards.

Your cloud platform is completely dedicated to your services and applications and designed in-line with security best practice reference architecture.

Latest Generation Tech

From Dell and VMware

A Secura private cloud is built with latest generation Dell server and Compellent storage technology and VMwaresecurity and networking.

The high performance starting specification can be tailored around your exact requirements to create a bespoke cloud foundation for your business needs and objectives.

Total Control of Your Infrastructure

Total Control

Of Your Infrastructure

Our private cloud hosting is fully managed but you can have control over every aspect of your infrastructure, from the top-level management layer, right down to the hardware layer.

You have the freedom to configure your solution around your needs with Secura on hand to offer technical adviceand support to help you get the very most from the platform.

Bolt-On Services

Flexible Management

And Bolt-On Services

You can select the level of management that best suits your needs. Choose from fully, partially or completely unmanaged and change at any time if you need to.

Add complimentary managed services to your private cloud hosting at any time including managed backup, managed DR and OS management.

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Hybrid Cloud

Ready Infrastructure

Your Secura private cloud platform is simple to connect to other cloud solutions from your IT estate.

You can connect with AWS, Azure or the Secura Virtual Private Cloud for instant scalability whenyou need it, adding huge flexibility to your private cloud platform.

Private Cloud Hosting

Starting Specification

Kick-Start Your Cloud Hosting Plans

A Secura private cloud will get your application and service up and running in the cloud supported by the latest generation, secure, high performance technology.

The generous starting specification will offer a superb hosting foundation ‘out of the box’ but can be built on and tailored to meet your exact requirements, now or as your business grows.

Secure, Powerful, Private

> 2TB Usable SSD SAN Storage (Dell Compellent)

> 2 x 128GB Dell R630 hosts

> Dual Xeon® E5-2620 v3 8-Core (16HT) 2.4GHz CPU

> 128GB VMware Enterprise Allocated vRAM Licensing

> Dual resilient 10GbE networking for VMs and storage

> 10Mbps Internet bandwidth delivered on 1Gbps port

> Managed and monitored 24x7 to hypervisor level

And remember - we can tailor and build on this starting configuration to create the platform you need.

Removing the Migration Migraine

Migration Migraine?

Migrating applications and services does not need to be stressful.

Secura’s comprehensive migration planning and support can take the stress out of the migration to your new private cloud.

Our expert team and flexible hostingarrangements can help mitigate the risks associated with migration, making the transition as smooth as possible and minimising the impact on your day-to-day work load.

Business Friendly Tech, Terms and Support

We're With You As You Grow

Our business and customer focused approach does not stop at our cloud computing technology.

Our service and commercial terms are all designed to give businesses the freedom and confidence to concentrate on what they do best, safe in the knowledge their hosting will support them every step of the way.

The web never sleeps and neither does our support. Our UK-based service desk is available 24x7x365 and is only a phone call or email away when you need it most.

Private Cloud Hosting


How is Secura private cloud hosting different from the Virtual Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a cloud infrastructure dedicated to onecustomer. The VPC is a multi-tenant environment that hasmultiple users within the infrastructure, sharing access to the platform resources.

Why choose a private cloud?

There are a number of reasons that some customers choose a private cloud over the VPC. Some require the physical separation of their systems or want to specify particular hardware within the platform stack, or have in-house hosting experience and want to be more hands on. Ultimately, we’re about supporting our customer’s business with the very best technology options for their requirements, whether that is a private cloud, virtual private cloud or any combination of solution packages.

Is your private cloud hosting secure?

Secura private cloud platforms are secure by design andhosted in some of the UK’s most secure Tier III + data centre sites. Secura and our data centre partners are ISO27001 accredited.

Am I able to scale my resources as the business grows?

Yes. Every layer of your private cloud platform can be scaled as your requirements grow. Additional compute, storage and networking capacity can be introduced modularly, without the need for platform downtime.

Will you support us during our migration?

Moving services and applications to the cloud can bedaunting. That’s why the team at Secura will be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to your new infrastructure.We work with you to create a detailed migration plan to reduce disruption to your business and customers, keeping downtime to a minimum and where possible, eliminating it entirely.

If I ever want to switch providers, will it be difficult?

Moving your platform to another provider should you choose to do so is not a problem and our support team will be on-hand to help facilitate the move and ensure asmooth transition.