Web Protect: Cyber Security For VPC

By Matthew Reeve on 16th September, 2019.

Protecting Critical Online Applications

It’s estimated by 2021, cybercrime damages could reach $6 trillion dollars. That is a staggering statistic, and although that figure seems almost unquantifiable and unrelatable to SMEs, it’s important to realise that despite the enormous figures involved, this isn’t solely a threat facing large conglomerates; quite the opposite in fact.

As the popularity of cybercrime rode the wave of the connected world, hackers realised smaller companies, with fewer resources dedicated to security, were an easy target. With approximately 230,000 new malware threats sent out daily, it is absolutely essential businesses have a robust defence strategy in place and align their budgets and processes to accommodate for this.

With SMEs increasingly under pressure to step up their security defences, Secura developed Web Protect for our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC); a fully managed enterprise grade security package. In this blog post, we’ll explore what threats it can protect your business from, and how Secura’s Web Protect can boost your cybersecurity defences.

In this video, Secura’s Head of Pre-Sales Anthony Doncaster breaks down Web Protect; a fully managed network security and web protection solution from Secura.

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The Threat Landscape


A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt operations and is one of the most common cybersecurity threats. Basic level attacks work by submitting so many requests to a server that it cannot respond to legitimate user requests, therefore rendering the system useless. More advanced attacks can disguise hackers as legitimate users and exploit the web application internally. Secura’s Web Protect offers full DDoS mitigation to curb the impact of DDoS attacks against your web applications and keep you online.

Network Intrusion

Network intrusion is unauthorised activity on a network by someone who should not ordinarily have access to it. When a hacker intrudes a network, they can intercept network traffic and steal data. One common way hackers gain access to a network is through malware, often downloaded unintentionally by a legitimate user. Secura’s Web Protect monitors your network to ensure any threat is picked up immediately and protected against any intrusion in real-time.

Exploits and Malware

An exploit is an attack on a system or network that makes use of a particular vulnerability it contains. The method hackers generally use to target such a weakness is through malware, such as Trojans and Worms. This harmful software and code can be unintentionally introduced to a network through visiting malicious websites or downloading malicious files, such as email attachments, and may utilise social engineering techniques to lure in unsuspecting users. Secura’s Web Protect offers full exploit, malware and virus protection to ensure your servers stay protected from any attack that could lead to service disruption or data loss.


As discussed earlier, a compromised network can lead to data being intercepted and stolen. This can be used to gain further access and ground more attacks or lead to sensitive information being leaked; an increasingly common problem, for both businesses and customers. Encryption is a robust method of defence against this threat. Secura Web Protect ensures sensitive data is powerfully encrypted at a flexible, granular, virtual machine level.

What is Web Protect?

Secura’s Web Protect blends together the industry leading network security and web service protection technologies in a seamless, fully managed service that removes the stress and workload from your team.

“With Web Protect we’ve put together a full suite of products to provide a layered defence against multiple threats. Protecting against exploits, vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks and malware and ransomware in real time; it also includes other benefits such as CDN, real time log monitoring and encryption at rest.

It’s a must have for companies running mission critical or revenue generating applications, providing defence in depth and peace of mind knowing Secura will manage this whole solution suite for you.”

Anthony Doncaster, Head of Pre-Sales.

Web Protect Technologies

Cybercrime has never been a more pressing threat to businesses and their data. With this in mind, Secura have selected the most effective network security, web protection and performance technologies to form Web Protect.

  • Cloudflare – Secura have partnered with Cloudflare to offer their advanced CDN, web and DDoS protection. Cloudflare also increases performance and resiliency with access to a global CDN network.
  • Alert Logic – Alert Logic Threat Manager is a cloud-based managed network intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment solution providing comprehensive protection from existing and emerging threats based on insight from thousands of global customers and extensive IDS signature databases.
  • ESET – ESET provides file security and anti-virus protection for Windows and Linux servers. It eliminates all types of threats including viruses, worms and spyware with minimal impact on system performance.
  • HyTrust – DataControl from Hytrust encrypts and secures your business data on a granular, per virtual machine level. It delivers a robust yet flexible and cost-effective solution to protecting your business data.


If you have any questions regarding Web Protect, or any of Secura’s other services why not get in touch.

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