VisionPlus moves to the Virtual Private Cloud

By Neal Wilkinson on 28th November, 2014.

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Business application developer, VisionPlus PMS, has selected the Secura Virtual Private platform to support their SaaS development and delivery.

About VisionPlus PMS

The VisionPlus PMS application is designed to improve the efficiency of administration, ordering, appointment booking, recalls and stock management for optician’s practices.

Designed around optician’s specific needs as a business and delivered via the cloud, VisionPlus PMS can streamline processes in a number of key areas and improve the accessibility and security of their businesses data.

Staff can access appointment diaries securely from any location, multiple devices and across branches, with seamless integration with email and SMS services for rapid communication with customers.

Management and auditing of the system and its users is simple and transparent, with an in-depth reporting module to feedback detailed information on the business and its activities.

Virtual Private Cloud Support

The Virtual Private Cloud platform will provide a solid foundation for VisionPlus PMS to continue its expansion, the onboarding of new customers and development of new application features in a sustainable way, with infrastructure costs that will remain in sync with revenue.

The team at VisionPlus will be able to scale their platform to meet their customer and development demands at any time, positioning their supporting infrastructure to their current requirements with no wasted resource.

The service is fully managed by Secura with support available 24×7 to respond to the issues and requests of the VisionPlus development team.

Secura Chief Operations Officer, Dan Nichols said:

I’m delighted to welcome VisionPlus PMS to Secura, I think their business is perfectly suited to the flexible, secure capabilities we have designed into the Virtual Private Cloud platform. I’m confident it will support the rapid growth of their customer base and deliver excellent performance, security and service levels.

For more on VisionPlus PMS, visit their website at

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