The Secura Partner Programme

By Matthew Reeve on 15th August, 2019.

A Simple & Rewarding Referral Scheme

The Secura Partner Programme is a straight forward and simple way to refer your customers to our hosting solutions and be fairly rewarded for doing so.

We understand making a recommendation to a customer is a big deal. A referral, and the degree of its successes, can reflect on you and your business. With our Partner Programme, you’ll know first-hand that your customers will only be receiving the highest quality of hosting solutions.

As a thank you from Secura for helping our network grow, you’ll be rewarded for as long as they remain one of our customers. And the more customers you refer, the greater your rewards become.

The Partner Programme doesn’t require any long-term commitment outside of the standard 12-month contract, and we can have as much or as little involvement in pitching to clients as you want. Everyone’s a winner with the Partner Programme, so let’s discuss in more detail how everything works.

How It Works

After you have successfully referred a customer to us and they’ve signed a contract of at least 12 months, you have the choice of the following two reward options.

Option 1.

Receive A One-Off Payment

A straightforward, one-off commission payment for the referral, equivalent to the value of one Month’s Recurring Revenue (MRR) for the referred contract (less any third-party software and licensing costs). For example…

Option 2.

Receive Recurring Revenue

Receive a percentage of the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) value of the referred contract, for the life of that contract.

As an additional thank you for your continued support, the percentage of your recurring revenue commission payment increases as the total MRR value of your referrals to Secura accumulates.

As you pass total monthly recurring revenue milestones, the percentage we pay you each month – on the total value of your referred contracts – increases. The more you refer, the more you earn! For example…

Help & Support

The Partner Programme provides more than just cash incentives. During the pitch and build of your referral, we will make a whole range of resources available to you.

Meeting Support: You’ll have full access to our technical pre-sales experts to supports you as much or as little as you like during client meetings and pitches.

Proof of Concept Resource: If you need to produce a proof of concept design for a project, we can provide you with free hosting resources to support it.

Technical Support: During the pitch and build, you’ll also be able to access our technical support team, should you need it.

Supporting Documentation & Materials: We can provide a whole range of supporting sales and technical information to support your pitches – complete with your branding if required.

Customer Testimonials

Leeds-based digital agency, Pixelbuilders, currently enjoy the Partner Programme’s benefits from the clients they refer to Secura’s hosting solutions. Pixelbuilders Technical Director, Martin Hoyle, commented:

“We feel that we’re working with a like-minded business in Secura, and they have spent the time to understand our business and requirements. The team have the really deep technical knowledge that we need and vitally, they are always accessible to us. The programme is a great framework that sits nicely around their technical expertise, support and solution delivery and we’re delighted to be a Secura partner.”

Partner Programme Terms

The partner programme is governed by some terms and exclusions. For full terms and conditions, please contact us for the Partner Programme Agreement document.

  • MRR is calculated excluding software and third-party licensing costs
  • The minimum contract value for recurring monthly repayments is £1,000 MRR*
  • A referral must sign a minimum 12-month contract to qualify
  • Managed Azure commissions are calculated on Secura’s management fee
  • Solutions must be based on the Secura Virtual Private Cloud platform or Azure**
  • Secura reserve the right to disqualify unsuitable opportunities
  • Secura reserve the right to change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any portion of these terms

* One-off payments are available for contracts below the £1,000 MRR threshold. **Non-VPC and non-Azure solution commissions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re interested in the Secura Partner Programme, or have any further questions, please get in touch.

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