Spotlight on: A Secura Business Development Executive

By Helen Cooper on 19th March, 2018.

Meet Jordan, Business Development Executive

At Secura, we understand that our success is based on the quality of the people that work in the business. Without them, we would not be able to keep our customers as happy as they are, or grow as quickly as we do.

To maintain this growth and our very high standards of service and support, we’re fully committed to recruiting, training and nurturing talented graduates to become the next generation of top IT and sales people in the cloud industry.

In this second spotlight interview we talk to Jordan, who has been working as part of our Business Development team for just under a year. Jordan came to us through Pareto, the UK’s leading training and recruitment agency, and since then, has had notable success in securing new and happy customers for Secura.

We asked Jordan a few questions about the Pareto and Secura recruitment and training process, and how he has found working in the fast-paced Business Development team at Secura.

Name: Jordan Lopez

Position: Business Development Executive

Started at Secura: April 2017

1. When did you join Secura?

April 2017

2. What interested you in Secura and the technology sector?

The technology sector is constantly evolving, so it’s not a one-dimensional thing – it’s quite interesting. In terms of Secura, we’re a fast-growing company with big ambitions and I wanted to be a part of the buzz.

3. Why were you looking for a career in sales?

To be honest, the potential earnings were one of the most appealing things about a career in sales. I’ve just finished a PHD, so I wanted to work in a high energy, fast moving environment and the best way for me to achieve that was a job in sales.

4. Can you tell us about the recruitment process at Pareto? How was this different to other jobs you had applied for?

With Pareto, you apply online and if your CV is appealing to them, you’ll have a telephone interview and are then invited to attend an assessment day.

In terms of how they differ to other recruitment companies, it really feels like Pareto value you and recognise your skillset; they would do everything in their power to make sure you got placed in a role so you don’t feel like just another name on the books.

5. Can you tell us a bit about the graduate training programme at Secura and the process you went through when you first started?

With Secura it’s a full week, so it begins with a commercial introduction to the company, including what the business is, what it does and how it works, what your job role entails, and then you have a technical breakdown of the products and services that Secura offer.

Towards the end of the week you have a chance to do some role plays and live calling, to put into practice the things you’ve learnt previously. It’s a really good start for what the job’s going to be like.

Pareto Recruitment: Secura Business Development Executive

6. How did you find the training you received once you’d joined Secura? Can you tell us about the external Pareto training?

The external Pareto training was an interactive training course in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We learnt through presentations, live calling and discussions. There’s also the chance to socialise in the evening with the rest of the graduates, so it’s really good fun.

It was a great experience for me personally as I was completely new to business practices and sales. It helped me establish a really good grounding and introduction to how telemarketing works, issues that you might come into contact with and how to deal them.

7. How did it help you perform your role and learn more about sales?

The Pareto training started right from the beginning. It gave a good introduction to what telemarketing is, what a job in sales entails and how to go about dealing with different issues you might encounter.

It was really good, and gave you the chance at the end to do some live calling and put into practice the techniques you’d learnt.

8. What’s a typical day like in the Business Development team?

It’s basically split into four calling sessions from 9-5.30. Fast-paced, energetic, lots of coffee and good chat.

9. What’s your favourite part of your role?

The feeling when you get a lead or sign a deal. You put in a lot of work in the months prior, which you might not see pay off for a while, and then when it comes to it you see that your work is valued.

10. Do you have a clear path for progression and if so, what does that look like?

Right from the start there has been a transparent career ladder at Secura – it’s clear what you need to do to move up. Starting off in business development, then once you hit your target you will move up to inside sales and then up to external sales once you hit your target again. Each step comes with a salary increase and a more lucrative commission structure, so the drive is there for you to want to continue progressing.

Pareto Recruitment: Business Development Executive

11. Is this sort of progression helpful and supportive for you starting your new career?

Of course, it really helps to have those carrots dangled in front of you as a driver for meeting targets, and you know exactly what you need to do to move up. It’s in Secura’s interest to move you up as quickly as possible, so the support is there when you need it.

12. Secura always takes on groups of graduates as part of their programme, do you think there are benefits to this approach?

In terms of creating a team mentality, definitely. Before you’ve even started the job, you’ve had a week training together with Secura, and a week away with Pareto, so you’re already close with the guys you’re starting the job with. It’s a really good way for you to connect with the people you’re going to be working with before you start.

13. How have you found working for a smaller hosting provider / business like Secura as opposed to a large corporate employer?

It’s been really interesting so far; because Secura is a relatively small company and the business development team is still pretty young, we have the chance to pioneer different ways of doing things if we want to. As a small company, Secura is agile enough to implement changes pretty quickly. You feel like your opinion is really valued.

The benefit of Secura being a small company means the directors are regularly in the office and are always willing to talk to you if you have a question, so their knowledge is really accessible.

14. What’s been your highlight of working at Secura so far?

There is a real sense of family at Secura, everyone works hard and plays harder.

15. Can you describe working at Secura in 3 words…

“Always be closing” – a quote from a sales film which I thought was quite appropriate!

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