Secura Welcomes Construction Management Application Specialist, Simeio

By Neal Wilkinson on 21st October, 2014.

Simeio Selects the Virtual Private Cloud

Secura is pleased to announce that construction software specialist, Simeio, has chosen the Secura Virtual Private Cloud platform to underpin one of their specialist construction software applications.

About Simeio

Simeio applications allow businesses within the construction industry to automate and accurately report on time and attendance, carbon use and health and safety compliance.

The construction industry is subject to rapidly increasing numbers of legal claims, compliance requirements and regulations and their application suite helps businesses manage these areas simply and effectively, with accurate reporting and control.

The solutions draws together key information from across a business to highlight and identify risks, decrease exposure, manage projects more effectively and comply with regulatory requirements.

The Secura Solution

Simeio will be based on the Secura Virtual Private Cloud platform, with access to robust, resilient, scalable resources that can be flexed at any time to meet the demands of their application and its users.

It will offer a secure, stable foundation for delivery of their cloud applications with native backup and DR capabilities and flexible, resource based pricing that will allow them to closely align their future infrastructure costs to their application revenue streams.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton said,

“We are delighted to welcome Simeio to our Virtual Private Cloud, they are an exciting business making a real impact within their industry space and I think that the VPC is tailor-made to support this on-going success.”

For more information on Simeio and their solutions, please visit their website at

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