Secura and Cloudflare

By Sally Bryant-Haswell on 6th June, 2017.

Secura Partner with Cloudflare

Secura are excited to announce our partnership with Cloudflare, the website performance and security company.

About Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that increases the performance and security of every website on its network, protecting them from a broad range of threats and attacks.

Over 6,000,000 websites run on their network, ranging from individual blogs to e-commerce sites to the websites of Fortune 500 companies and national governments.

Cloudflare powers almost a trillion monthly page views—more than Wikipedia, Twitter, Zynga, AOL, Apple, Bing, eBay, PayPal and Instagram combined— and over 25% of the Internet’s population regularly passes through their network.

Why Cloudflare?

The solution will form a key part of Secura’s Web Protect, with advanced DDoS mitigation protection, a web application firewall and a range of website performance enhancement features that make it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as multi-national, Internet giants.

DDoS Mitigation

At the beginning of 2016, Cloudflare experienced and mitigated against some of the largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks ever seen. As attacks like these increase, it is essential that online businesses take steps to protect themselves, which is why we’ve added their feature set into the Web Protect solution.

Cloudflare’s security solution offers a broad range of protections against attacks such as DDoS, hacking or spam submitted to a blog or comment form.

Cloudflare analyses the traffic patterns of hundreds of millions of visitors in real time and adapt their security systems to ensure that good traffic gets through to websites and bad traffic is stopped.

Performance Enhancements

Cloudflare runs 111 data centres strategically located around the world. When you sign up for a Secura Web Protect bundle, your inbound traffic is routed through the nearest located data centre.

As traffic passes through these data centres, Cloudflare intelligently determines which parts of your website are static versus dynamic. The static portions are cached on their servers for a short period of time, typically less than 2 hours, before the system checks to see if they’ve been updated.

By automatically moving the static parts of your site closer to your visitors, the overall performance of your site improves significantly.

Cloudflare’s intelligent caching system also means you save bandwidth and decrease the load on your servers, meaning web applications will run faster and more efficiently.

On average, Cloudflare customers see a 60% decrease in bandwidth usage, and a 65% reduction in total requests to their servers. The overall result is that Cloudflare will typically cut the load time for pages on your site by 50% which means higher engagement and happier visitors.

About Web Protect

Web Protect enhances the security of the Virtual Private Cloud with fully managed and monitored services, designed to increase the security, protection and performance of critical online applications.

Web Protect blends together the best network security and web service protection technologies available in a seamless, fully managed service that removes the stress and workload from your team.

Choose the level of protection you need and the Secura team will configure, manage and monitor Web Protect, providing you with the assurance that you’re protected online.

Visit the Web Protect page to find out more about the solution and the Cloudflare features included, or contact us and we’ll be happy to take you through the benefits and bundles available.

Sally Bryant-Haswell

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