SaaS CRM Experts, SymVolli, Join the Secura Virtual Private Cloud

By Neal Wilkinson on 4th March, 2015.

SaaS Designed to Improve Business Efficiency

Secura are pleased to welcome SaaS provider SymVolli, to the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform. The SymVolli application is a complete end-to-end business organisation and management information system, designed to increase internal collaboration, improve workflow and inform future strategy.

About SymVolli

The current SaaS iteration of the SymVolli application can trace its roots back to 1994, when the first DOS version was launched. The technology may have changed since those early days but the aims and objectives of the software remain the same: to improve a business by focusing on effectiveness.

End-End Business Information and Organisation

The SymVolli framework is easily adapted by the end user or system administrator to cater for a myriad of organisational disciplines. From account and contact management, sales forecasting and quotations, customer service and knowledge base, right through to integrated marketing, process modelling and business intelligence functionality.

The whole system is designed to improve efficiency and accuracy, automating tasks where possible to enable smarter working within the organisation.

Low cost and fast implementation is key, enabling organisations to rollout phase by phase without additional costs and without having to implement the whole system in one go. The growth of the system and the processes it addresses is organic, keeping in step with the business.

A Scalable Foundation for Business Growth

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud offers an ideal foundation for SymVolli as they continue to add new features and functionality to their application and grow their customer base.

The simple scalability of VPC infrastructure means resources can be easily increased as new customer acquisitions go live, ensuring optimum performance of the application and keeping infrastructure expenditure closely aligned with revenues.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton commented:

We’re thrilled that SymVolli have decided to continue their expansion on the VPC. Secura’s services are a great fit for the SaaS business model and we’re really excited to be supporting the new developments that the team at SymVolli have planned.

For more information on SymVolli, please visit their website at:

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