Risk Analytics Specialist, 4most, Joins the Secura Virtual Private Cloud

By Neal Wilkinson on 28th October, 2015.

Specialist Analytics for the Financial, Retail and Mobile Industries

Secura are pleased to announce that credit risk analytics specialist, 4most Europe, have selected the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform to provide the infrastructure to support their applications and services.

About 4most Europe

4most is a specialist credit risk analytics consultancy that designs and develops scorecard models to help a huge range of blue chip clients in the banking, credit card, debt management, retail and mobile sectors. The are heavily involved in providing IFRS9 and stress testing support to these organisations.

The range of products and services they offer enable their customers to make smart, informed decisions across credit risk, fraud, customer marketing and the incredibly complex regulatory frameworks that financial businesses are subject to.

Analytics Driven Insights

4most’s product portfolio is delivered using a combination of their consultant’s extensive industry experience and knowledge and their own specialist applications, designed to model and analyse customer data to produce actionable insights for the business.

The 4most team works in partnership with each client to fully understand their requirements and then designs and delivers a solution around their data and ultimate objectives.

As a starting point for a project, 4most’s consultants initially use their own in-depth analytical capability while cutting edge applications are developed in parallel to create scorecard models, simulations and systems that derive insight on affordability, portfolio evaluation, collection strategies, customer acquisition, segmentation and lifetime value, among many others.

Secure, High-Performance Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

Secura Virtual Private Cloud hosting will provide a secure, high-performance backbone to support 4most’s rapid growth and customer acquisition and the continued development and deployment of their analytics applications.

The sensitive nature of the data that 4most process on behalf of their clients requires strict adherence with the ISO 27001 data privacy standard. The Virtual Private Cloud supports this essential security focus with secure by design architecture and fully ISO 27001 compliant data centre infrastructure and management processes.

Performance and processing power are also vital for their high utilization, data analytics applications.

The VPC’s rapid scalability allows the team at 4most to change the resource profile of their infrastructure to match the needs or their applications, effectively managing their performance as the volumes of data they are processing increases or decreases.

Just thought you’d like to know that we had an analytics hackathon last night using our analytics server.  I had an email this morning saying it was amazing – fast, reliable and no dropped connections.

Miles Dennis, Software Development & IT, 4most

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

The 4most team have developed some really exciting applications that have driven their huge success over the last few years and we’re relishing the opportunity to support them. With their expertise, knowledge and diverse application portfolio, they are ideally positioned to take full advantage of the rapid changes now underway in banking and finance sectors.

For more information on 4most and their products and services, please visit their website at www.4-most.co.uk.

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