Reach Studios Join Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud

By Matthew Reeve on 11th December, 2019.

Award-winning digital agency Reach Studios provide digital marketing services to an extensive network of UK-based and international clients. Secura are thrilled to welcome them to the Virtual Private Cloud.

About Reach Studios

From humble beginnings as a small start-up sharing office space in Leeds City Centre, the multifaceted team at Reach Studios boasts a wide range of expertise, experience and skillsets. Currently working out of their head office in Kelham Island, Sheffield, they are dedicated to driving digital development.

Their forward-thinking solutions include web development and web applications, as well as a range of digital marketing services. They firmly believe in finding the perfect blend between design and functionality, without one compromising the other. In their own words, “it’s important we ask ourselves ‘does it look good?’ as well as ‘will it work?’”.

This focused approach has seen Reach Studios work on a variety of award-winning projects over the years. Working with the latest industry leading technologies, resources and infrastructure ensures Reach Studios’ solutions are consistently ahead of the curve. Their customer base includes the NHS, JT Pickfords and XPOLogistics.

Reach Studios don’t rely on cold calling or extensive advertising campaigns to gain clients; the business growth is organic and extended through recommendation and word of mouth. This goes to show not only the dedication to customer satisfaction, but also the quality and success of their projects and partnerships.

The Virtual Private Cloud

Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a highly flexible platform, allowing for services to be scaled up or down easily, depending on usage.

As well as this, the VPC platform is secure by design and Secura and all our data centre partners are fully ISO 27001 accredited, offering Reach Studios the peace of mind that their data and platform is protected and secure.

Here at Secura, we fully understand that support is a vital consideration when selecting a hosting provider. Throughout the years, we’ve focused on providing the highest levels of customer support. Secura’s support team continuously monitors Reach Studio’s environment and is available to deal with any issues or requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

“Through its flexibility and high availability, the Virtual Private Cloud is an ideal fit for digital marketing agencies. We’re delighted that Reach Studios have chosen Secura to underpin a number of their client requirements and we look forward to supporting their business and hosting projects in the future.”

To find out more about Reach Studios and their range of digital marketing services, visit their website at

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