Flashback: Ollie Beaton at the Cloud Bakeoff 2016

By Neal Wilkinson on 8th September, 2016.

The Cloud Bakeoff

Ready, Steady…Cloud!

Back at this year’s Cloud Expo Europe, held at Excel London in April, the Cloud Industry Forum and Dell organised a roundtable event to discuss the likely impact of the arrival of both AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud data centres – in what promises to be a major shake-up of the UK cloud and managed services marketplace.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, was invited to speak as part of the panel on the ‘Cloud Bakeoff’ roundtable event along with our partners, Dell, and other industry peers.

In this video, Ollie talks about our relationship with Dell, what makes Secura stand out as a cloud hosting provider and the ‘Cloud Bakeoff’ roundtable talk, touching on how the introduction of AWS and Microsoft Azure’s data centres will effect Secura as a business.

A special thank you to Dell for inviting us to talk as part of the roundtable at Cloud Expo Europe 2016 and to Jan-Willem, from Business News Television, who conducted the interview at the show and allowed us to use the footage to create this version to share with you.

We’re looking forward to next year already!

CIF Roundtable

As a precursor to the Cloud Bakeoff ‘live’, Dell and the CIF organised a more in-depth roundtable discussion, featuring our very own Ollie Beaton and the other panelists that appeared on stage at Cloud Expo.

The aim of the discussion was the same, to discuss the potential impact of cloud giants AWS and Azure’s taking up more permanent residence in the UK with new data centre facilities.

The mood is upbeat, with the participants agreeing that some businesses will suffer as these heavy weights make their presence felt, but that those businesses with the right blend of skills, solutions and services will thrive as the cloud market continues to grow.

You can read the outcome of these discussions for yourself on the DCS Magazine website at the link below:

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