New Year, New Us!

By Neal Wilkinson on 20th January, 2017.

Name Drop

The last month has been a busy one for the Secura team. We recently took the decision to officially change our name from Secura Hosting to simply, Secura.

Our more observant visitors will also have spotted that we have moved our website over to its new home at

Just Secura

This is not a huge change, but it’s an important one that we think will, at least in part, reflect the changes, improvements and growth that we are striving for as a business and that we have achieved since the management buy-in in 2014.

The cloud hosting industry is an exciting and dynamic one, rapidly changing and developing on an almost monthly basis. We’re determined to remain at the forefront of this change, using the most relevant and powerful technologies to support our customers’ businesses, with the personal, dedicated support that we think is so important.

The Practicalities

We’re making the name change across all our branding and materials and our emails are now all using the new domain.

If you’re a Secura customer, you will have received information on the change by email and your day-to-day communication with us will not be impacted, as all the existing contact details you have for our team will continue to work.

Our service desk remains at for the time being and if any changes are to be made, these will be communicated to you well in advance.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the change in our name, have spotted anything out of place or just want a bit more information, then please get in touch.

Neal Wilkinson

Head of Marketing

Neal works in the marketing team at Secura and makes sure everyone uses the correct font size on their emails. Sometimes he succeeds.

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