Librios Take Advantage of Azure Management by Secura

By Matthew Reeve on 30th June, 2020.

Secura is excited to announce that Librios is the latest customer to take advantage of our Azure management services.

About Librios

Founded in the 1990’s Librios’ software was built around the emerging digital publishing sector and supported leading publishers with a content management and editorial workflow platform during their transition from print to digital.

“Engaging with publishers in the early days to create databases of digital assets that could be easily accessed and repurposed, is an important cornerstone of the Librios architecture,” comments David Wilcockson, Director of Technology. “This has set us up well to be at the heart of today’s publisher strategy of using more data to drive content decisions.”

Built on Microsoft technology and hosted in the MS Azure Cloud, Librios is a highly configurable platform built from complementary modules. “Editorial collaboration and the speed of content curation and change has been one of the areas we have worked on with publishers, and this is now moving us into new markets.”

Over recent years the big change for Librios has been the software’s ability to be configured for the Assurance sector. Matthew Clark, Head of Commercial explains, “… the global Assurance sector is involved with Audit, Inspection and Certification of products and services. They generate huge amounts of data for their customers to ensure quality, safety, compliance and risk mitigation. Helping to connect, notify and broadcast this data into the ecosystem alongside specifications, standards, policies, regulations, and learning is something Librios is already delivering for several large companies. The buzz words are ‘using data for hindsight, insight and foresight’ across the sector at the moment!”

“Enhancing our Cloud offering and working with partners like Secura, gives us more confidence to take Librios into the next level of progressive web application technology, html5, new API’s and the start of the AI journey.” Matthew, also adds, “… service continuity, security and resilience are also important considerations for us and the Secura solution really gives us the feeling of a partner helping us keep watch.”

Librios on Azure

Librios were looking to move from their managed hosting provider to an Azure-based environment. They needed a cloud partner that could provide them with advice around best-practice deployments and offer a robust 24/7 support function.

With Azure management from Secura, Librios are able to harness the expert advice, support and governance that their Azure solution required. They can also now provide this managed Azure platform option to their own end customers, which played a key role in their decision to partner with Secura.

Azure Management by Secura

Secura’s Azure Management solution is a flexible way to get advice, guidance and support for your Azure platform. The modular structure allows access to the specific support and expertise you require to maximise the benefits of Azure, at every stage of your platform’s maturity.

Before we onboard any customers to any of the modules, our full health check audits existing environments, or helps to develop best-practice plans for new Azure infrastructure. This also provides an excellent mechanism for prospective clients to fully assess Secura’s capabilities before selecting an Azure management module.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

“We understand that businesses like Librios have a range of different technical needs when deploying services in Azure, which is why we’ve designed our management solution with a flexible, modular structure to offer a way to access the specific guidance, skills and support they need, when they need it. We’re delighted to welcome the team at Librios to our Azure management and we look forward to supporting them as their platform grows.”

If you’d like to find out more about Librios and their information management solutions, please visit their website at:

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