Kirona Add Secura Cloud Flexibility to their Field Service Automation Applications

By Neal Wilkinson on 10th June, 2015.

Experts In Field Service Management Software

Secura are pleased to welcome field service application specialist, Kirona, to the Virtual Private Cloud platform.

About Kirona

Kirona was founded in 2003 to design and develop mobile working solutions that enabled field-based employees to work more efficiently.

Today, they have become one of the leading field service automation providers in the UK, working with companies like Vodafone, Carpet Right and Marie Curie.

Over 30,000 field-based workers now rely on Kirona applications on a day-to-day basis, which help to improve their work flows, cut unnecessary travel and reduce wasted resource.

Market Leading Field Workforce Automation

The Kirona solution suite has expanded significantly over the last 12 years and now encompasses every aspect of field-based working.

Their applications allow businesses to streamline work lifecycles, manage mobile repair and inspection operatives, track vehicles and teams, dynamically schedule resources and provide extra protection for lone workers.

They are designed to simplify process and remove service bottlenecks for field staff, giving them more time to work on core tasks, improving productivity.

Management are also empowered with insightful reporting that takes an overarching view of every mobile working activity, offering actionable intelligence that makes on-going improvements to processes possible.

Flexible Cloud Delivery

Kirona solutionsare designed to integrate with customer’s existing systems or be delivered on-demand via the cloud. Cloud delivery creates an additional layer of mobility and flexibility for Kirona’s customers, with applications hosted within Kirona’s private cloud environment and accessed by users wherever they are, via the internet.

The Virtual Private Cloud

Kirona have taken the decision to support some of their customer cloud applications using the Secura Virtual Private Cloud platform.

The VPC is ideal for on-demand SaaS delivery and the team at Kirona have the flexibility to scale their resources seamlessly at any time to meet customer demand. All application data is protected by regular backups and can be recovered quickly in the event of any issues.

Secura VPC infrastructure is also highly available, with no single points of failure, giving Kirona a reliable, high performance platform to confidently deliver outstanding user experience and service to their customers.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton commented:

Kirona are a very exciting software business. They deliver world-class applications to their customers and are experiencing huge market growth as a result. We are very excited they have chosen the Virtual Private Cloud to support their SaaS delivery and we’re very much looking forward to playing a role in their continued success.

For more information Kirona and their suite of field service automation applications, please visit

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