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By Neal Wilkinson on 25th July, 2016.

Specialists in marketing support for technology, ICT, managed services, SaaS and hosting businesses

Incisive Edge is a full service marketing agency specialising in inbound marketing, harnessing social media, website design, SEO and content creation to create clear, compelling communications which help drive engagement and leads to achieve their customers’ goals.

About Incisive Edge – Changing with the Times

Incisive Edge was founded in 2009 with a strong focus on strategic sales, helping companies put strategies in place to achieve sales dominance in their sectors. Being at the forefront of a changing environment, Incisive Edge understood that for companies to succeed in the future, those companies needed to fully understand who their customers were, their buying behaviours and ultimately, what drove them to make a purchase.

Recognising this shift, Incisive Edge consolidated their approach, integrating and aligning their marketing and sales streams across multiple channels.

Incisive Edge is expert in strategic and tactical marketing, helping companies such as the BBC, Sony and the St Ives Group, as well as numerous tech companies, to attract, engage and ultimately convert prospects into clients.

Reliable, Scalable Cloud Hosting

Incisive Edge operate in a competitive market, working with their clients to deliver innovative and results-driven inbound marketing campaigns and it is vital that they offer a level of service to their customers that matches the quality of their creative and content. And so, they needed a reliable and highly available infrastructure to underpin their digital delivery.

With Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud hosting, Incisive Edge can confidently support their clients’ online campaigns and applications with a highly secure, robust cloud infrastructure.

Incisive Edge is growing quickly, continually taking on new campaigns and clients and their hosting solution needed the ability to scale rapidly to support the demands of both the expanding business and specific campaign requirements.

The VPC is designed to quickly scale up and down when necessary, supporting growing companies and applications with incrementally more resource as they need it, as well as the specific, short term requirements of campaigns.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

We’re excited to welcome a dynamic and fast-paced marketing agency to the Virtual Private Cloud platform. Incisive Edge’s commitment to inbound marketing and creating engagement with prospects online is driving multiple leads and sales for their clients and it’s great to be able to support that success with our platform.

To find out more about Incisive Edge and their campaigns, please visit their website at:

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