Giggio Make The Move To Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

By Matthew Reeve on 23rd January, 2020.

Secura are proud to welcome entertainment CRM experts, Giggio, to the Virtual Private Cloud.

About Giggio

Giggio founder Martyn Rowland developed Giggio in 2011. As a professional entertainer for over 15 years, he knew the industry inside out, but always struggled with the admin side of the job. Organising bookings, invoices, contracts and everything else was a real struggle.

“Some bookings were in my diary, some in my email inbox, and others were written on scraps of paper – and I was stressed. When I did finally get around to dealing with my admin (usually in a panic), it took me ages. It was taking all the enjoyment out of what is one of the best jobs you can have.”

Martyn Rowland, Giggio Founder.

Martyn took matters into his own hands and developed Giggio; an easy-to-use CRM system exclusive to the entertainment industry, allowing entertainers and event suppliers to effectively self-manage and provide a professional experience for their customers. The system also allows for clients to agree bookings online.

The web-based solution makes it quick and simple to stay organised. From deposit management, organising contracts, sorting job sheets, developing booking reports and even tracking mileage to events – Giggio’s solution offers entertainers a system that allows them to stay in control, with new features that even help users get more gigs.

Passing On High Availability

The system is designed to be utilised on-the-go – easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. Giggio needed a hosting partner that could provide highly available service performance and optimum security to ensure user data is protected.

Built specifically to underpin and keep critical applications online, the Virtual Private Cloud provides Giggio with the resiliency they required. Secura maintains a presence at multiple UK-based Tier 3+ data centres, utilising our very own 10GB network ring connecting every location to ensure a constant route of connectivity and no single point of failure. This is reflected in our 99.99% Service Level Agreement.

As well as this, Secura and all of our data centre partners are ISO 27001 accredited. Our expert service desk team is also available 24/7, 365 days a year, and proactively monitor Giggio’s platform for any issues or vulnerabilities. This gives Giggio the confidence their platform and data is secure and aligned with the latest industry best practice guidance and standards.

Secura’s CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

“It’s really great to welcome Giggio to the Virtual Private Cloud – our VPC hosting is a great technology foundation to support any critical online applications and we’re very excited to begin our partnership.”

To find out more about Giggio and their services, please visit their website at

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