G-Cloud 9

By Sally Bryant-Haswell on 6th June, 2017.

The Secura VPC on the G-Cloud 9 Framework

We are very pleased to announce that Secura has been selected as a successful supplier on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud 9 framework.

The government launched G-Cloud 9 in May this year, with services made available via the Digital Marketplace; a comprehensive catalogue of cloud-based services for the public sector.

What’s New

G-Cloud 9 has seen significant changes to the information required from prospective suppliers and a reorganisation and recategorisation of services listed on the Digital Marketplace to make it easier for public sector organisations to find exactly what they need and understand what they are buying.

Building upon the improvements of G-Cloud 8, substantial user research was conducted to inform and give greater insight into the types of questions that should be posed to potential suppliers applying for the framework.

A greater emphasis has been placed on what buyers want to know and how they approach their search of the Digital Marketplace, helping to define the more robust application process, with a more in-depth list of questions to provide the service and solution information that buyers are looking for.

Secura VPC on G-Cloud 9

The Virtual Private Cloud platform is now available to buy for public sector organisations in the Cloud Hosting category of the Digital Marketplace.

The VPC’s resource-based pricing, instant scalability and flexibility make it a great fit for the government’s view on what kind of solutions represent the right cloud foundation for the public sector.

This flexibility for applications and services on the platform is coupled with round-the-clock support from Secura’s ISO 20000 accredited service desk team, adding a dedicated, expert service-wrap that helps customers really get the most from the technology and the peace of mind that help and advice is always on-hand when it is needed.

Dan Nichols, Secura CTO said:

“We’re delighted that the Virtual Private Cloud platform has been made available again to public sector customers as part of the G-Cloud 9 framework.

It’s a great fit for their requirements and the improved, enhanced Digital Marketplace offers us a brilliant platform to promote our critical cloud hosting solution within the public sector.”

For more information about the G-Cloud 9 framework, please visit www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk.

Sally Bryant-Haswell

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