Fraud Prevention Specialists, Fraudscreen, Select the Secura Virtual Private Cloud

By Neal Wilkinson on 29th August, 2017.

Fraud Prevention through Predictive Analysis

Secura are delighted to welcome fraud prevention specialists, Fraudscreen, as the latest member of our Virtual Private Cloud hosting platform.

About Fraudscreen

Fraudscreen profiles and analyses indivduals applying for credit, mail order, insurance and making an insurance claim and offers crucial insights into the integrity of those customers, helping businesses engage with them on the right financial terms using the applicable process.

The Fraudscreen analysis and subsequent predictive coding, is a safeguard preventing people from gaining financially by lying, sometimes called ‘soft fraud’. They work with businesses across various sectors including retail, insurance and telecoms, helping them make informed decisions about financial applications and assisting in the detection of first party fraud.

Predictive Coding

Fraudscreen processes data from a variety of different sources, including a closed user group of contributing companies, who share data on previous relevant customer events.

This data, when processed through their software, builds up a picture of customer behavior, and then assigns them a code that is predictive of their honesty levels and intentions.

The complicated data processing and analysis that Fraudscreen performs is a vital component of their customer’s fraud prevention systems, protecting their business against dishonest applications and transactions and the large cost implications relating to these.

Secure, Reliable Cloud Hosting

Fraudscreen required a secure and highly available hosting solution to processes, analyse and store the sensitive data they need to deliver their service to customers.

A large number of clients rely on the Fraudscreen system to perform analysis of applications and transactions to safeguard their businesses, so a secure, robust hosting platform was vital to ensure an uninterrupted service that customers could have confidence in.

The Virtual Private Cloud is built with high availability as standard across the platform and is architected with no single points of failure – providing the assurance that Fraudscreen and their clients needed.

With a database of confidential and sensitive information, security and compliant data handling is a particularly important element of the hosting provision.

The VPC is secure by design and delivered from multiple UK based, Tier 3+ data centre facilities. The data centres are some of the best in the UK, with the latest physical security measures and systems, as well as full ISO 27001 accreditation.

The vital business and customer data stored within Fraudscreen’s platform is then protected by frequent backups to a separate VPC data centre site, available for rapid restore in the event of any issues.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

Fraudscreen have built up a loyal client-base who rely on their really unique offering as an integral part of their fraud protection process. This sort of critical service is what we built the VPC platform to support and we’re delighted to have them on board.

To find out more about Fraudscreen and their services, please visit their website at

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