E-commerce Part 2: Security

By Hannah Simons on 12th June, 2020.

This four-part series will explore the transformation of the digital landscape within e-commerce and provide insight and practical guidance on how online retailers can benefit from cloud hosting technologies.

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In the first part of our e-commerce series we explored the changing digital landscape and how technologies have increasingly impacted the world of online retail. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the importance of online security, explore common e-commerce cyber-attacks and learn how Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Web Protect services can bolster e-commerce security.

Part 2: Security and E-Commerce

Trust is fundamental to the e-commerce model. Not only are customers trusting that you’ll provide them with a viable product, they are trusting that their payment details and other important data is transmitted and processed securely. Where threats to security in a physical store can be seen and more readily managed, e-commerce sites require a different level of protection.

Some of the most important transactions in today’s world happen online. E-commerce data, whether that’s credit card details or customer’s ID, for example, hold great value, making them an attractive target for hackers. Furthermore, large amounts of users interacting with websites becomes a magnet for criminals to place malicious content, redirects, malware, spam and phishing pages. Although the motivation behind data breaches and cyber-attacks varies, research has shown that intelligence gathering influences 90% of attack groups, highlighting that attempts to exploit weaknesses in e-commerce websites are an ongoing risk to businesses, unless the necessary actions are taken to secure websites and infrastructure.

Data breaches and cyber-attacks can endanger an e-commerce business in multiple ways:

  • Financial implications of a data breach or cyber-attack. This may include loss of revenue due to website downtime, litigation fees, financial costs of hiring security specialists and engineers to seal the breach or protect against an attack.

  • Brand and company reputational damage. Cyber-attacks and data breaches can damage brand reputation, putting their business practices into question with consumers.

  • Loss of trust from customers. With customer trust in jeopardy they may decide to find a competitive alternative.

Analysis has shown that a boost in recent e-commerce activity due to Covid-19 lock down measures, has led to a rise in fraudsters attempting to obtain and use financial data through techniques such as topical phishing scams. Overall, average fraudulent attempted purchase value grew by $36 in March 2020, with fraudulent attempted transactional value increasing by 13% and worldwide phishing scams growing by up to 600%. All these figures stress the need for e-commerce platforms to invest in top level security in order for their business models to remain robust in times of increased cyber-crime activity and potential vulnerability.

How can Secura help?

As an e-commerce website owner, you are responsible not only for your website’s security but for the security of the personal information you handle for your customers. As cyber-attacks and data breaches continue to grow more sophisticated, companies must take proactive steps to mitigate the risk and partnering with a hosting provider that understands your business security requirements is a good place to start.

Secura is experienced in supporting e-commerce businesses, and our team of cloud experts understands the importance of a secure online presence to protect customer confidence. Our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform is secure by design, delivered in-line with security best practice reference architecture and hosted within Tier 3+ data centre infrastructure with the very highest level of physical security.

Web Protect

Our Web Protect solution is a suite of advanced, industry leading security products, offering enterprise-grade protection for our VPC customers.  We have carefully selected a range of tools to cover a multitude of threats to provide a defence in depth approach to security, offering advanced end-to-end protection against the ever-evolving threats that face online businesses. Web Protect expertly configures and manages these services to offer layered protection for your business, online. Web protect is also a fully managed suite, meaning our team of cloud experts will configure, monitor and manage the solution for you.

If you have any questions about any of our services or about any of the services we can offer, contact us here.

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