Driving Software Specialists, Imagitech, Select Secura Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

By Sally Bryant-Haswell on 9th August, 2017.

Award-Winning Learner Driver Software

We are delighted to welcome another innovative software business to our Virtual Private Cloud hosting platform in Imagitech, who have chosen Secura to support their portfolio of driving software and multimedia applications.

About Imagitech

Imagitech specialise in test-preparation software (especially but not exclusively for drivers) and software to risk assess occupational drivers. Their software has helped millions of drivers in the UK, Ireland and South Africa to pass their theory tests and improve overall road safety.

They have developed and delivered tailor-made software solutions since 1995 and with their customer focused approach, have expanded from their South Wales base to work with businesses in the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

Imagitech have a rapidly growing user-base and their clients include Alphabet, Britannia, Canada Life, CITB, Focus Multimedia, Prometric, Xerox and Zenith.

Innovative Software and Multimedia Applications

Imagitech has a portfolio of award-winning driving products that aim to improve road safety, teach the basic principles of responsible driving and help users to pass their Driving Theory Tests. Their Driving Test Success is the best-selling learner driving software brand in the UK.

Roadmarque® is a UK driver assessment system that provides risk-assessment of all employees that drive in conjunction with their work, to help employers comply with Health and Safety laws.

Imagitech also specialises in developing bespoke software solutions for their clients, from study aids to monitoring systems, all delivered via the cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

The performance and availability of Imagitech’s applications and software solutions delivered via the cloud are critical to the success of their business, and it was vital that they had a robust and highly available hosting platform to rely on.

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is the perfect foundation for software and SaaS businesses, designed specifically to keep critical applications and services secure and online around the clock.

No single points of failure, multiple Tier 3 + data centre sites across the UK and automatic VM failover, means Imagitech’s applications on the VPC will always perform and be available when their customers need them.

The VPC is inherently scalable and Imagitech can add and remove capacity as required to support new services, customers or busy trading periods. And with resource-based pricing, Imagitech are always in control of their costs.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

Imagitech are a fantastic addition to the Secura VPC. Our secure, highly available cloud platform is a perfect match for Imagitech’s requirements and their expansion into the SaaS model of application delivery. All the team here are excited to work with them and support their future growth.

To find out more about Imagitech and their driving software solutions, please visit their website at www.imagitech.co.uk.

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