Secura Attend Digital Construction Week 2019

By Matthew Reeve on 7th November, 2019.

In this video, Pre-Sales Engineer Chris Magee explains why Secura are a great fit for construction businesses.

What Is Digital Construction Week?

Digital Construction Week is one of the UK’s leading event for innovation and technology in the built environment. The exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the latest digital construction tools and solutions for businesses in the engineering, design, manufacturing and operations industries.

On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th of October, ExCel in London hosted the Digital Construction Week Exhibition 2019. The annual event brought together the most exciting and advanced technological developments from providers across the construction industry and beyond. The products included the latest software and hardware, augmented and virtual reality, drones, robotics, apps, and of course… cloud solutions!

    “We believe that the technologies, tools and processes now available to the industry
    have the power to change the future of the built environment, and the world we live in
    like never before. Our aim is to help the industry explore its potential and understand
    how best to adopt and implement these new technologies, tools and processes to improve profitability and efficiency, and create a smarter and more diverse industry.”


As well as engaging exhibitions and networking opportunities, the event provided a platform for industry leaders and innovators to voice their opinions and expertise to visitors through ‘TED’ style talk stages. Secura were immensely proud to feature on day two of the seminar programme, with Head of Pre-Sales Anthony Doncaster delivering a presentation at the Innovation Stage on how to protect business data in the cloud.

Secura joined over 150 exhibitors in showcasing our critical cloud hosting solutions. As one of the few cloud vendors in attendance, it was a great opportunity to network with potential business prospects and partners. We made lots of great connections, and hopefully we’ll see some new customers added to the Secura network very soon!

Left: Head of Pre-Sales, Anthony Doncaster, delivers a talk on cybersecurity.

Right: The Secura stand at DCW this year.

The Cloud and Construction

Secura attended Digital Construction Week to promote our cloud services to construction businesses. The cloud can provide many benefits, but construction has been an industry that has traditionally been a little behind the curve in terms of digitalisation. It was a great opportunity to meet face to face with those in the industry and talk to them about the numerous advantages of going digital and moving workloads into the cloud.

The construction industry is collaborative by nature. The cloud allows for real-time input and access to documents from multiple parties; be that internal employees or third-party contractors. These project files may also be too big for email, and with the cloud the document can be uploaded and accessed quickly by anyone, anywhere, with an internet connected device.

With projects often spread across many different sites, locations and spaces, and staff working from the office, in the field, or on the move, workflows can become hard to organise and manage efficiently. The cloud can help streamline operations to ensure workloads stay optimised and the business improves its productivity.

Secura’s cloud solutions are priced granularly and resources are billed on usage, meaning construction firms can easily scale their platform to align with their workloads throughout the year. The flexibility of matching cloud services to on-going project demands provides a cost-effective solution and ensures our customers never pay for resources they aren’t using.

If you’d like to find out more about what Secura can bring to construction businesses, or you’d like any more information about Secura’s services or products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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