Secura Welcome Criterion to The Virtual Private Cloud

By Matthew Reeve on 5th March, 2021.

About Criterion

Criterion is a not-for-profit body that provides professional standards and governance for its customers within the financial services industry. Whilst it was formed for the industry in 2017, Criterion has a wealth of experience having delivered professional standards and governance services since 1989.

Based in Edinburgh, its broad industry representation and expertise helps businesses to complete the necessary work to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving industry.

Uniquely positioned to facilitate and drive cross-industry engagement, they help organisations achieve higher levels of collaboration, reduce costs and improve outcomes for their customers.

For over 25 years, the Criterion Standards have provided the backbone for the exchange and movement of data between their customers, helping them to be better connected, more productive and increase their process efficiencies.

Security Is Key

One of the main hosting priorities for Criterion was security. Working in the financial sector, the team required a secure platform and a cloud hosting partner that could match their commitment and focus on online security.

Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provided Criterion with the secure, robust hosting solution that it required as the foundation for the rebuild of its main operational and marketing website.

Enhancing VPC Security

The VPC’s infrastructure and management is secure by design, delivered from multiple UK-based Tier 3+ data centres, which all adhere to rigorous industry standards and procedures to ensure the highest levels of security. Secura and all our data centre partners are ISO accredited, giving our customers the assurance that the security of their applications and data is aligned with the very latest industry best-practice standards.

With data security and protection at the forefront of its hosting requirements, Criterion also added Web Protect; Secura’s fully-managed suite of enhanced security products for the Virtual Private Cloud. This provides them with additional online protection including DDoS mitigation, network intrusion prevention, malware and virus protection, and data encryption, all configured, managed and monitored by Secura’s team of cloud experts.

Secura’s CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

“For security-focused businesses such as Criterion, the Virtual Private Cloud is an excellent option, especially when combined with our Web Protect suite for enhanced online security. It’s great to welcome Criterion to the VPC and we look forward to supporting them.”

Criterion’s Managing Director, Billy Burnside commented:

“Criterion is built on integrity and high levels of trust, with a proven track record in multi-stakeholder collaboration, leading to industry improvements. To protect both our services and reputation, we chose Secura’s fully-managed suite of enhanced security products for the Virtual Private Cloud to host our operational and marketing website.”

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