Construction SaaS Specialist, OpenECX, Selects Secura Virtual Private Cloud Hosting to Support Their Rapid Growth

By Neal Wilkinson on 30th November, 2015.

Simple, Scalable SaaS for Construction

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) hosting from Secura will now support OpenECX’s rapidly growing and innovative 3rd generation cloud-based e-commerce trading hub, eHub3, and the subcontractor management application, WebContractor.

About OpenECX

OpenECX offers fully independent, cloud-based e-commerce trading and subcontractor management applications to organisations in the construction industry. These specialist applications make huge improvements to supply chain management, increasing margins and accuracy, streamlining processes, improving visibility and ensuring compliance.


eHub3 has been under development for over three years and currently supports over 700 active trading partners across 20 countries and is the construction industry’s fastest growing e-trading hub.

Industry leading organisations such as Hilti, Fergusons, Kier Group and John Sisk and Son have embedded the service into their businesses to improve the way they work with their huge range of suppliers.

The fully cloud-based P2P (Purchase to Pay) system improves the efficiency and accuracy of the invoicing process, auto-matching invoices to orders, removing time-consuming re-keying through human error and providing a clear audit trail to both parties for reporting purposes.

eHub3 also controls and formalises the purchase process, providing organisational buyers access to online catalogues from authorized suppliers to ensure only validated transactions can be made, improving business margins.


This innovative service allows construction organisations to better manage and improve their complex subcontractor relationships, project budgets and finances while ensuring they remain fully compliant with the UK Construction Act.

Subcontractor relationships, even on modest projects, can be incredibly complicated and command huge time and administration overheads. WebContractor streamlines and automates many facets of the subcontractor relationship, providing more clarity and information for all parties, concise, accurate reporting and a fully auditable document trail to remain compliant with industry legislation.

All subcontractor applications are accurately tracked as they progress through the business, with invoicing, self-billing agreements and purchase orders automated with full visibility for the finance and commercial teams, as well regular updates for individual subcontractors.

Virtual Private Cloud – Hosting for Growth

With one live application with a rapidly growing user base and another due to launch in the New Year, OpenECX needed a flexible cloud hosting infrastructure that would support them as they expanded.

The Secura VPC offers the granular scalability that they need to incrementally increase their platforms capacity as they onboard new user accounts. No lump sum hardware costs to add new storage or servers, just flexible, granular scaling of resources, as and when required.

When an organisation starts using an OpenECX application, its features and functionality become embedded in their daily operations – so round-the-clock availability was a vital consideration.

The VPC is designed to offer the kind of robust, resilient performance that critical web applications demand and has been designed from the ground-up to be highly available, with no single points of failure.

This kind of performance and stability gives the team at OpenECX the confidence that application availability will be exactly where it needs to be, meeting their high service standards and the expectations of their customers.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

We are thrilled to have OpenECX using the Virtual Private Cloud. They are a SaaS business with incredible potential for growth, both in the construction industry and beyond. There is almost limitless opportunity for their applications and we’re looking forward to being part of their success over the coming months and years.

For more information on OpenECX and their SaaS applications for the construction industry, please visit their website at:

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