Causeway Builds the Foundations for Cloud Scale with Secura

By Neal Wilkinson on 8th May, 2015.

Software for the Built Environment

Secura are excited to announce that Causeway has chosen the Virtual Private Cloud to support their range of SaaS applications for the built environment.

About Causeway

Causeway designs and delivers applications that support businesses across the entire spectrum of the construction industry, from design and build, right through to operation and maintenance.

They employ over 200 people who support customers worldwide from offices based in the UK, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Construction Industry Applications

Causeway applications are used in the design and construction of major building and infrastructure projects, they drive efficiencies in supply chain management, support facilities and estates management and offer comprehensive tracking and management of service and maintenance resources.

All Causeway applications offer in-depth features and functionality, developed through a real understanding of the construction industry and a constant cycle of feedback and evaluation with customers.

A Global Cloud Construction Company

Causeway are now leveraging their extensive industry expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions that incorporate the latest technological developments, like Building Information Modelling (BIM), to deliver software as a service (SaaS) applications that better meet the changing needs of the construction industry and the new levels of flexibility that it demands.

The Tradex eInvoicing platform for example, processes millions of invoices a month with £3.5 billion being exchanged annually – in real-time, between 17,000 companies.

With an expanding portfolio of on-demand applications delivered to a rapidly expanding customer base located across the globe, the team at Causeway needed a robust, resilient and scalable infrastructure foundation to support their expansion and growth.

Secure Infrastructure, Granular Scalability, Robust Performance

The Secura VPC platform will provide secure cloud infrastructure with the flexible scalability to grow at the same pace as their customer acquisition and application development.

The granular level at which the VPC can be scaled allows the team at Causeway to shape their infrastructure very precisely around their evolving requirements – with no underutilised or superfluous resource.

Robust, fault tolerant performance is designed into the VPC and supports Causeway’s commitment to 24/7/365 availability for their customer’s applications.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton commented:

Causeway are one of the market-leaders in construction software and a business that is just going from strength to strength. We are absolutely thrilled that they have chosen to underpin their SaaS delivery with our Virtual Private Cloud platform and we’re very much looking forward to working in partnership with them for many years to come.

For more information on Causeway and their full suite of applications for the built environment, please visit their website at

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