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By Neal Wilkinson on 29th July, 2015.

Building Relationships

Secura are delighted to announce that BR Network has selected the Virtual Private Cloud to deliver their range of construction industry applications and services.

About BR Network

BR Network provides a wide range of services to members of the building and construction industry to help them identify and win contracts, improve their operational efficiency and increase their marketing effectiveness.

Users who join the BR Network can search a constantly updated database of over 350,000 sub-contractors, view live tenders and access a range of admin support services to improve their efficiency and increase their capabilities.

BR Network’s service can take over diary and appointment booking, credit control, sourcing and telephone enquiries to reduce the day-to-day workload within a business, freeing up valuable in-house resources for more critical tasks.

Going Mobile

The new BR Network mobile app will launch on the 1st August and will further enhance the service to users. It will allow them to take photos onsite to help price their work and create snagging lists, connect on-the-go to the BR Network database, access live chat support functions and receive enquiry, pricing and service notifications direct to their device.

Virtual Private Cloud

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform will allow BR Network to scale their cloud and mobile application resources seamlessly with user demand. All resource levels are guaranteed, with no contention, ensuring the optimum user experience and performance across services.

The BR Network platform will feature an isolated dedicated network, dedicated virtual firewalls and dedicated virtual machines to provide secure segregation within the VPC infrastructure and ensure the privacy and integrity of application and business data.

Managing Director, Dave Gilchrist, stated:

After delivering £1.7 billion worth of project value in the first 6 months of 2015 and investing heavily in larger office premises to accommodate the expanding Resource Centre delivery team, we needed a virtual private cloud provider with bags of experience and a good track record in this market.

Secura definitely fits that criteria and have been totally professional in the VPC creation and setup process.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, added:

We’re delighted that the BR Network have chosen to host their services on the Virtual Private Cloud. We believe the VPC platform offers the ideal platform for them to deliver their SaaS applications and services and for them to continue to expand their user-base.

For more information on the BR Network and their range of construction industry solutions and services, please visit their website at

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