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By Neal Wilkinson on 17th August, 2016.

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Secura are excited to announce that Beechwood Communications have selected the Virtual Private Cloud platform to support their rapidly expanding NearYou® online marketplace for Fitness Professionals.

About Beechwood Communications

Beechwood’s rapidly growing health and fitness websites, NearYou®, offer a fully-fledged online platform for fitness professionals looking to promote their fitness classes and services to people in the UK and USA looking to get and stay fit.

The NearYou® websites provide fitness instructors, studios and gyms with a range of online marketing tools which allow them to successfully promote their classes, workshops and events online.

NearYou® includes fully featured class searches, integrated social media hubs, video platforms, and activity schedule plug-ins for instructors and studio managers to run all their marketing from one central point.

The NearYou® team of marketers, software and app developers are transforming the way people find and book fitness classes online and this year, introduced the flexible and easy to use NearYouPay system to allow fitness businesses to take online payments, recurring payments and membership payments online.

Secure and Scalable Hosting

With visitor traffic growing at over 100% annually, the NearYou® websites required a rapidly scalable, secure and reliable hosting solution that also worked with the business’ requirement for a flexible commercial model.

Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud has no single points of failure and its VMware, vSphere virtualisation software offers automatic failover in the event of any issues at VM level, minimising the risk of downtime to the NearYou® web and mobile apps.

Inherently scalable, the VPC allows Beechwood to quickly and easily add capacity to the NearYou platform as it grows. Resource-based pricing means they can easily track and keep monthly hosting costs aligned with revenue, with no wasted capacity or unexpected bills at the end of the month.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

We are delighted Beechwood Communications have chosen the Secura Virtual Private Cloud to support their NearYou® web and mobile applications. The VPC is a great fit for the NearYou® platform and their business and we look forward to working with Beechwood on the exciting future developments they have planned.

To find out more about Beechwood Communications and the NearYou® platform, please visit their website at

NearYou® is a registered trademark of Beechwood Communications Ltd in the UK and USA.

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