Digital Agency, Base Creative, Selects the Virtual Private Cloud

By Sally Bryant-Haswell on 8th March, 2017.

Specialists in bespoke web design and development

Secura are delighted to announce that Base Creative are the most recent creative business to choose our specialist digital agency hosting on the Virtual Private Cloud.

About Base Creative

Base Creative specialise in bespoke web design and development, as well as online marketing, branding and SEO. Their talented team have a wealth of creative experience and technical skills that help them drive brand engagement for their clients through creative, digital experiences.

Base Creative has built up an impressive and diverse portfolio of clients from start-ups and SMEs, through to household names including the BBC, Harrods, the National Trust and Virgin Media.

Building Brands and Websites

The team at Base Creative are experienced in every aspect of crafting great websites. From the initial creative strategy workshop, through to refinement and delivery, they work collaboratively with clients to keep their business goals in sight and ensure the business’s objectives are achieved through the build.

In addition, the team work with clients to create, design, deliver and manage bespoke online campaigns, targeting and engaging with the audiences that matter to their business.

The campaigns span SEO, advertising, paid search and social, with a comprehensive monitoring, feedback and refinement loop to accurately track campaign performance throughout, making adjustments and changes to ensure client objectives are not just met, but surpassed.

Digital Agency Hosting

Secura are specialists in digital agency hosting, with technology and service that supports the dynamic nature of the creative industry, the criticality of the customer applications that agencies design, build and support, and the break-neck response times those clients demand.

Base Creative needed a hosting provider that could support their growing client base with hosting and service they could rely on.

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform delivers secure, high availability infrastructure that customers require, with the agile scale that Base Creative needs to support their development work.

As the team at Base Creative take on new clients and projects, hosting costs will scale in-line with their revenue, with clear and simple resource-based pricing that makes it easy to control each monthly bill.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

“We’re really excited to welcome such an innovative and talented digital agency to the VPC platform. Base Creative have a fantastic reputation for creating dynamic, impactful websites and campaigns and the VPC will be a perfect foundation for their continued growth and success.”

For more on Base Creative please visit their website at

Sally Bryant-Haswell

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