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By Sally Bryant-Haswell on 8th February, 2017.

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Secura are pleased to welcome Customer Experience Specialists, aura Corporations UK Ltd, who have chosen the Secura Virtual Private Cloud hosting platform to support their Customer Experience Management Software and Client Services.

About aura

aura are market-leading Customer Experience Experts, who have developed a world-class Customer Management Platform, Supersite V5. This innovative new software is delivered to their global client-base from the cloud through a range of devices.

aura measures customer satisfaction performance at each touch-point on the customer journey providing customer feedback to every level of the organisation enabling businesses to improve their customer experience, loyalty and profitability.

CX Platforms – Supersite V5

The aura team have developed the Supersite V5 Customer Experience Management Platform, which enables their users to interact with customers in real time, at multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Supersite V5 features engaging, informative dashboards, clear, streamlined UX, omni-view feedback, analysis mechanics, as well as the ability to collect customer opinion, detail the customer journey and produce action plans at multiple levels.

This rich functionality allows their clients to drive measurable improvements in the system processes that underpin customer interaction across their brand.

Supersite V5 is delivered to aura’s customers as a service via the cloud (SaaS), across PCs, tablets and mobile devices, making it incredibly simple for their clients to monitor customer experience wherever they are.

With offices in the UK and Germany, aura boasts an impressive portfolio of leading international clients from the automotive, financial and retail sectors. They are currently active in 24 markets.

Supporting SaaS – Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

aura’s application and services are critical to the clients they work with and it was vital that their hosting infrastructure delivered robust performance and availability.

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) offers SaaS businesses the ideal platform to deliver always online applications to their customers with confidence.

High availability is standard throughout the platform, with no single points of failure in the hosting infrastructure, data centres and network. In addition, enterprise level VMware software provides automatic failover at virtual machine level.

Designed specifically for critical applications, the VPC provides Aura with the confidence that their applications will deliver the levels of availability and performance that they demand for their customers.

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented:

aura support global brands with an application and services that are absolutely central to their customer experience efforts, and we’re delighted to be given the opportunity to support them on the Virtual Private Cloud.

aura are an exciting SaaS developer with a cutting edge product and the team at Secura are looking forward to supporting them as they continue to grow.

To find out more about Aura, please visit their website at

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