Deliver Custom Apps Through the Cloud

Cloud hosting and delivery of applications can improve development flexibility, enable mobile consumption and increase data security and protection.

With resource based pricing models, you can develop and test cost-effectively and scale your platform as your user base and revenue grows.

Grow As Your Users Grow

Flexible, resource based pricing makes it simple for you to always deliver your app cost effectively.

Grow the resources supporting your application inline with your increasing user base, always maintaining the right-fit cloud for your requirements.

No waste and no large CAPEX outlays for additional hardware, with all the benefits of a secure, private environment.

Protect and Recover

Application infrastructure within the Secura virtual private cloud platform has full, native access to our disaster recovery service, protecting your app and customer data against loss and enabling rapid recovery.

Our platform infrastructure is hosted within a ISO 27001 accredited, Tier 3 + UK based data centre, providing the utmost physical integrity for your services.

Fully Managed – Whatever Your Size

Hosted applications with Secura come with full management and support for your infrastructure, leaving you free to concentrate on designing, developing and delivering your product and service.

We don’t place any financial thresholds on support – it is always available to you, regardless of your spend.

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Hosted Applications

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible pricing – pay for resources you need
  • Quickly provision test & dev environments
  • Secure, private environment
  • Enable mobile delivery of your apps
  • Secure your data and enable rapid recovery
  • Fully supported- whatever your spend