Set Your Desktops Free

Secura’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can help you take more control of your desktop infrastructure, simplifying management and boosting productivity by enabling mobile working.

Tailor desktop experiences on a user by user basis and allow your team to access their desktop across a range of PCs, tablets and smart phones.

BYOD with Confidence

With the control offered by the Secura’s desktop as a service solution, your workforce can take full advantage of the flexibility that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) offers to a business. Users can use their own devices to safely and securely connect to your network and access their work and applications from a variety of locations.

Increase Efficiencies

The expense and time normally associated with physical desktop infrastructure is removed, cutting costs and improving performance. Microsoft applications can be integrated via Office 365, removing expensive periodic upgrades and security vulnerability issues from your most commonly used applications.

If you have created custom applications for your business or use industry specific software, that can be hosted on Secura infrastructure and delivered via DaaS, to those users who need it.

Secure, Scalable and Protected

Your desktop as a service infrastructure will be hosted securely on the Secura virtual private cloud platform. Scale quickly and seamlessly as your user base grows, adding and removing desktops as required. Our resource based pricing model means you can flex your desktop infrastructure to always fit your requirements, with no penalties.

Secura infrastructure also benefits from native disaster recovery. Complete, regular backups of your data are taken to protect you if the worst should happen. If required, your desktops can be quickly restored to get you back up and running with the minimum disruption.

Fully Managed and Monitored

The Secura team will fully manage the setup and integration of your desktop as service solution. 24/7 support is available and our experts will take care of the ongoing management and monitoring, storage and data backups.

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Desktop as a Service

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enable mobile working
  • Decrease upgrade charges
  • Tailor desktops for each user
  • Increase desktop control and security
  • Simplify management
  • Decrease hardware and software costs
  • Native disaster recovery