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Flexible, Scalable Hosting for E-commerce

Secura specialises in Magento Hosting and supports a wide range of e-commerce companies and agencies on our platform.

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure provides the ideal foundation for a Magento framework, delivering fast, reliable and secure online shopping experiences for visitors.

Are you an e-commerce business or Magento development agency and interested in Magento hosting? Get in touch with us to talk through how Secura can help support your project.

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Why Choose Secura Magento Hosting?

The Magento framework is a fully customisable, flexible and scalable e-commerce platform to support your business’s online sales.

There are two main flavours of Magento to consider when choosing the right framework for your business; the Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition.

Not sure which is right for you? Get in touch using the form above – our team of Magento experts would be happy to advise and configure a hosting solution that is perfect for whichever framework is the right fit for your needs.

High-Speed Performance

Secura’s Magento Hosting platform and caching is set up to enhance security and speed, offering high-speed, optimised performance for our customers’ web applications and services.

The server infrastructure that underpins our Magento Hosting is designed to cope with high levels of resource consumption, ensuring that your website and test and development site performance is never compromised, even as your product inventory continues to grow.

Expert Caching Configuration

To ensure your site runs quickly and to offset some of the speed issues that larger Magento sites can experience, our team of engineers expertly configure the Varnish caching (or other technology) on your platform, to maximise your site’s speed and deliver stable performance at all times.

A fast e-commerce website keeps your customers happy, boosts sales and maximises your gross margins.

Flexible and Scalable

Secura’s Magento Hosting is highly scalable and can grow in line with your business, so you can adapt it to suit your needs whatever the size of your business.

You can add or remove a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Machine (VM) resources in minutes and at any time, to meet seasonal traffic demands or in-line with your growth requirements.

With our resource-based pricing, you only ever pay for the resources you need making it easy to align your cloud costs with your revenues.

Top Security

Secura’s Magento Hosting infrastructure is secure by design, built in-line with security best practice reference architecture and hosted across multiple UK Tier 3 data centre sites.

Secura and all our data centre providers are ISO 270001 accredited and our infrastructure and control processes are aligned with the ISO 27018 data privacy code of practice. Secura is fully compliant with GDPR legislation and all our data centre providers are PCI compliant.

To provide our customers with advanced security, we work alongside our cloud security partners to offer Secura Web Protect, a bolt-on online protection suite to protect and mitigate against today’s online threats.

Support Comes First

Our UK-based engineers are experienced, professional experts in Magento hosting and available 24x7x365 to offer their technical expertise and advice when you need it most.

Each customer platform is pro-actively managed by a dedicated Service Manager, so you will only ever communicate with someone who fully understands your business and platform.

If you’d like to speak to the team about our Magento Hosting, get in touch using the form on this page.

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