ServiceDesk Migration FAQ

By Dan Miller on 14th September, 2017.

On Tuesday 19th September at 0930 BST, the Secura Operations team will be migrating across to a new servicedesk. This change will be non-impacting and all services will continue as usual during this migration.

We have created some FAQs regarding the change which are located below:

If you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our usual Support Channels:

Before 19th September 0930 BST (Pre Migration)
0207 183 2540

After 19th September 0930 BST (Post Migration)
0207 183 2540

Secura Operations


When will the change take place?

  • The changeover will take place on Tuesday 19th September at 0930 BST.
  • An update email will be sent out to all customers once the migration has been completed

What is changing?

  • Secura are migrating across to a new Ticketing System.
  • This system is more feature rich and has a number of critical new features that we will be rolling out over the coming months.

Why is this happening?

  • Our current ticketing system has become too restrictive and does not contain some of the advanced features that a growing, scalable Operations team require.

What will happen to my tickets in the previous ticketing system?

  • All open tickets created in our previous ticketing system will be manually migrated across into our new system.
  • A new ticket ID will be sent out for all existing tickets as they are migrated.
  • Any updates, responses or changes will be tracked and recorded in our new ticketing system.

How can I create tickets in the new system?

  • A new email address for raising requests has been created:
  • Requests to this address will generate a ticket with immediate effect.
  • Requests to our current address, will be redirected to our new ticketing system once the migration is complete.
  • Moving forward, our new ticketing portal URL will be,
  • Our current web portal, will redirect to our new ticketing portal after the migration is complete.

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