Renewing a Federation Certificate in VMware vCloud Director

By Neal Wilkinson on 28th October, 2015.

Renewing Your Federation Certificate

We have created a step-by-step video guide to help you renew your Federation Certificate in the Secura VPC vCloud Director interface. If you’d rather follow a text guide, then we have repeated the steps and the explanation below.

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Renewing or Regenerating Your Federation Certificate

vCloud Director by design creates a Federation Certificate for every Organisation vDC that is created.

The certificate is valid for one year, after which it expires unless it is renewed or regenerated (as VMware terms it).

Prior to this expiry, you will receive a notification email to your admin email with the date that the certificate is due to expire.

Below is an example email sent from the Secura VPC:

The Reminder Email Sent from the VPC to Notify You of the Federation Certificate Expiry

Above: You will receive a reminder email from the Secura VPC with details of the Federation Certificate expiry

Now you know you need to renew your certificate, you can login into your Secura VPC vCloud Director interface.


  • Login to your Secura vCloud Director interface
  • From the Home Screen click on the Administration link at the top of the screen

From the Home Screen, Click the Administration Link at the Top of the Page

Above: Click the Administration Link at the top of the page

  • From the Administration Screen, click on the Federation link in the left side menu

Click the Federation Link in the Left Hand Menu

Above: Click the Federation link in the left hand menu

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)

If you are using an additional SAML Identity Provider to authenticate users then the checkbox called ‘Use SAML Identity Provider’ in the Identity section will be checked – see the image below. If you are using this form of external authentication, when you regenerate your Federation Certificate in the following steps, you may need to reconfigure your federation with this provider. The default state of this checkbox in the Secura VPC is unchecked.

The SAML Identity Provider Checkbox. If this is Checked You May Need to Reconfigure your Certificate with the Provider After Regeneration.

Above: The SAML Identity Provider checkbox

  • Scroll down the Administration Screen until you see the Certificate section
  • Click Regenerate

Click Regenerate to Renew the Federation Certificate

Above: Click ‘Regenerate’ to renew the Federation Certificate

  • You will now see a pop-up message warning you about the effect that regeneration of the certificate will have on any additional SAML Identity Providers you may be using (see the note on SAML providers above)
  • Click OK to continue with the certificate regeneration

Click OK to Regenerate Your Federation Certificate

Above: Click OK to regenerate Your Federation Certificate

  • You will now see that the Federation Certificate has been renewed for another year from today’s date

After Regeneration the Expiry Date is Set One Year From the Regeneration Date

Above: Your new Federation Certificate will expire in one year from today’s date

The renewal process is now complete for another year.

If you want to read a little more on this subject, please visit the VMware website for more details:

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If you have any feedback on the video, we’d love to hear it along with any suggestions for future topics.

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