Should We Use the C Word?

By Dan Nichols on 15th April, 2015.

When Is It OK to Say ‘Cloud’?

It is a debate we have at Secura from time to time, particularly with our business development guys who have the tough job of calling businesses that we think might benefit from our services to understand if they have a need or a desire to change the way they manage their IT infrastructure.

Cloud, there I said it, please don’t switch off now!

The C Word: Here to Stay

The reality is that in our market (traditionally known as hosting and managed services) the C word is here to stay and some feel that it is the future for everything, whilst others are repulsed by the very mention of the word.

Our business development guys hear the phone go dead immediately after “Never” or “Over my dead body” shortly after dropping the C word into conversation at least once a day.

I can understand how use of the C word promotes this reaction in some people, after all the term is so widely used and abused that it means nothing to many and everything to some.

At Secura we will continue to use the C word in our marketing and service literature, the tide is too strong to swim against.

Beneath the marketing we continue to focus on providing the best service that we can, in the most part this is thanks to our fantastic operations team underpinned by a core infrastructure capability which rivals that of much larger service providers.

If you would like to know more about what Secura infrastructure hosting and managed services could do for you please get in touch.

Dan Nichols

Chief Technical Officer

As Secura's CTO, Dan is responsible for the team that design, build and maintain our cutting edge cloud hosting infrastructure. He is also the dishwasher police - stack it or else.

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