One Size Does Not Fit All

By Neal Wilkinson on 17th February, 2017.

Right-Sized Cloud Infrastructure

Modern cloud infrastructures that allow scaling of resources dynamically or on demand, have (or should have) changed the way hosting solutions are sized.

At Secura, we speak to many businesses who are based on dedicated or private cloud infrastructure that is often incorrectly sized for their requirements and once a full assessment of their usage is conducted, it can translate to significant savings, with resource levels that better reflect their needs.

Free Optimisation Assessment and Performance Analysis Services

If you are considering a cloud migration for your current on-premise or colocated infrastructure, this assessment is an important part of the planning process that should not be overlooked.

Gaining a good understanding of your existing system’s performance and workload is critical to make sure your cloud infrastructure is sized correctly for your requirements.

As cloud resources are billed on usage, it makes no sense to pay for resources you won’t use immediately (or at all). This is now especially true for platforms, such as the Secura Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), where resources can be dynamically increased on demand.

We make this assessment an integral part of any proposal we put forward, and we offer free services to get an in-depth insight into exactly what’s going on in your current environment.


Dell DPACK (Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit) is a great tool for getting a snapshot analysis of any Windows or Linux based server in your infrastructure.

It’s easy to run: once you have registered with us simply download the collector software at your site and run it for 24-hours.

DPACK can be run on virtual or physical servers and gives us a comprehensive report of CPU, RAM, Disk and Network usage for each server.

You can run DPACK individually on each server, or add multiple servers to a single collector (assuming you have network connectivity and administrative rights on the target servers).

Once the collectors are running, they securely upload performance data to Dell’s DPACK data warehouse. After the collector run has finished, we’re able to produce a report showing accurate resource usage on each server.

VMware VOA

VMware Optimization Assessment (VOA) is a tool that we use specifically for vSphere based environments. Based on VMware’s vRealize Operation Manager, it allows us to run up to a 30-day analysis on your vSphere environment.

Once we have the analytics data from the collector we can produce several assessment reports including:

  • Configuration Health Check – Is your environment configured optimally?
  • Performance Assessment – How are your resources being used?
  • Capacity Assessment – How could your resource usage be optimised?


Once we have the results of either tool our pre-sales team can help you interpret the results and create a solution that fits your requirements exactly.

Scale on Demand – With the Virtual Private Cloud

When a platform has been correctly sized for a requirement, additional resources can be quickly and easily added as and when required.

The Virtual Private Cloud makes it straightforward to add the right amount of CPU, RAM and storage you need as you grow or as your requirements change over time.

Resources can even be scaled back if they are only required on a temporary basis or your baseline needs to change, so it’s always simple to fit your hosting around what you require.

Get Your Free Assessment

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One of our technical pre-sales team will talk you through the steps to get everything setup and discuss the findings with you once the assessment is complete.

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