Deconstructing Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud

By Matthew Reeve on 8th July, 2019.

What Components Make Up Our VPC?

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately, you might have read our post about the different components of cloud computing. As you might expect, many of these are also found in our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), but there are also some more defining features that make Secura’s VPC especially scalable, reliable and secure.

Let’s explore them in some more detail.

In this video, Secura Pre-Sales Engineer Chris Magee breaks down the different components that make up our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

What is Virtual Private Cloud Hosting?

A Virtual Private Cloud uses the concept of a Software-defined Data Center to allow clients to use a pool of resources in a public cloud environment with the isolation and security of a private cloud.

The public cloud features allow resources pools to be shared in a multi-tenant environment while using technology such as VMware NSX to create complete isolation of networks and data within discrete customer platforms. This ensures secure access of cloud resources, guaranteed performance levels and total network and data isolation for every customer environment.

It is the multi-tenant, public cloud features of resource pooling that make Virtual Private Cloud platforms highly scalable, and the advances in virtualisation networking technology that allows for the complete separation of solutions within the platform.

The Key Components

Multi-Tenant Features

Utilising the power of virtualisation software, we’re able to securely house multiple customers on a single server. This gives our customers access to a wide pool of resources and the flexibility to scale up or down their resources quickly and easily, ensuring they only pay for what they use.

VMware vSphere

Using a simple, policy driven model, vSphere is the industry leading server virtualisation software, giving the Secura operations team management control over customer platforms hosted across cloud sites within the VPC infrastructure, in a common operating environment.

VMware vCloud Director

VMware’s vCloud Director offers Secura customers a fully featured management interface to administer their cloud services on the VPC. This industry-leading cloud management platform is used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Through vCloud Director Secura and our customers can control and monitor their platforms securely. From controlling multi-tenant resources to multi-site management to operational insights, vCloud Director is absolutely essential to what we do here at Secura.


Secura use a combination of Dell and HP storage technology and we offer Solid-State Drive (SSD) based storage as standard, meaning our services are supported by fast, reliable storage functionality. Unlike a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), SSD’s don’t use moving parts to operate, avoiding the unnecessary risk of mechanical faults or failure and providing faster storage performance.


At Secura, we recognise our client’s demand for their hosting solutions to be available 24/7. To facilitate the continuous running of our services, and any failovers in the event of a disaster, we utilise our very own 10GB network running between all of our data centres. With this network forming a ring between each facility, it ensures there is always a route of connectivity, and therefore no single point of failure within our network.

VMware vCloud Availability

Leveraging VMware’s vCloud Availability technology, we can offer simple and secure migration to Secura’s VPC, along with cost-effective disaster recovery protection.

Our Cloud DR solution enables near instant recovery of protected virtual machines from our Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with customer’s VPC platforms.

You can find out more about Cloud DR here.

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