Backing Up Data In The Cloud

By Matthew Reeve on 27th March, 2020.

An estimated 35% of people have never backed up their data, despite the fact that the resources to do so are often in place and freely available. For businesses, backing up data protects against a range of unfavourable outcomes that could lead to loss of revenue. Even the smallest loss of critical data can have huge repercussions in the business world, from damaging brand reputation and causing consumers to lose confidence in your product or service, to contractual and regulatory infringements and fines such as those levied under GDPR if your data loss occurred as the result of a breach.

What Threats Are Out There?

It should be highlighted that the risk of data loss is not made redundant by adopting a cloud solution. Systems that run in the cloud can experience downtime and storing data off-site in the cloud does not automatically mean it is fully protected. Hardware or software can fail or be misconfigured, data can become corrupted, or a malicious attacks can occur.

Another threat is targeted attacks, viruses and malware that can infect servers and lead to data loss and disruption. However, data breaches can also often result from incorrect configurations or applications, servers, firewalls and networking and can go unreported or sometimes even completely unnoticed. Other data loss can also occur through other human errors such as accidental deletion of data or loss of storage devices, and natural disasters such as flooding or fires. This range of data loss threats highlight why a suitable backup solution is an essential provision alongside any cloud service for any business wanting to ensure that their data is protected and recoverable.

Backup As A Service

As a business, it’s absolutely essential you safeguard important information against loss, theft or corruption. A hosting provider that will help you with essential data backup protocols is therefore essential.

Secura Backup As A Service (BaaS) offers a robust solution on best of breed infrastructure, designed to deliver reliability and resilience. The service can work alongside your own internal systems or cloud infrastructure or form part of your Secura cloud solution.

Backups are stored within Secura’s own cloud infrastructure for secure, reliable, offsite copies of your data. The platform has been designed to be highly available and is distributed across multiple Tier 3 + data centre sites around the UK, with multiple network connections to Tier I transit providers to increase resilience. The service works with both physical hardware and virtualised platforms and with a straightforward, simple setup, your business data can be backed up and protected extremely quickly. Various backup intervals and retention options are available to allow you to tailor the correct level of protection for your business requirements and continuity planning objectives.

With Secura backup as a service, you only pay for the resources you use, making it extremely cost-effective to start protecting your business data. You pay per GB of data protected and by the frequency of your backup intervals and you can scale this up and down as your needs dictate, with no penalties or hidden charges.

Is Your Data Backed Up?

First and foremost, always prioritise backing up data – should the worst happen, you’ll want to have the preventative steps in place to quickly recover data without loss. Secondly, don’t assume it’s taken care of. You will need to contact your hosting provider and speak to them specifically about backup and understand whether it’s something that’s included in your package.

    Backup Check List
  • Check where your backup data is held, whether that’s in a separate infrastructure or physical location
  • Ask how quickly you could access your backup data in the event you need it, whether your SLA covers this timeline and who would help you restore the data
  • Ask whether your provider manages, monitors and supports data backup issues
  • Find out whether it’s your responsibility to run regular testing on restoring your data
  • Find out what costs are involved. If you’re on a metered model, you’ll need to know how much a data transfer would cost

Want To Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about how Secura’s Backup As A Service can help you and your business with backing up data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 0207 1832540 or email us at and our team of cloud experts will be happy to help.

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