IaaS Hosting

Secure, Highly Available and Fully Managed

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions remove the capital expenditure and complication associated with buying and managing your own physical servers and infrastructure.

Secura’s IaaS service delivered via our cutting-edge Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform provides a flexible, secure and cost-efficient foundation to support your applications and services, keeping them online 24/7.

All customers on our VPC are fully supported on every step of their cloud journey with us. Our experienced UK-based service desk team deliver technical expertise, guidance and insight, along with a focus on responsive customer service 24×7, 365 days a year.

Case Focus – Code String

Code String design and deliver data-driven applications, specialising in delivering global competitions and promotions using complex algorithms. They work with a demanding portfolio of blue chip companies and globally recognised brands.

In the video below, Code String Director, Steve Irons, discusses the reasons they chose Secura’s IaaS solution to support their business and how Secura go over and above to support Code String’s applications, services and customers.

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IaaS Hosting

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rapidly scale resources
  • No upfront infrastructure costs
  • Fully managed by expert support
  • Robust, secure and highly available
  • Cost-effective disaster recovery
  • Bolt-on advanced cloud protection

IaaS Cloud Benefits

Only Pay for What You Need

Keep Income Aligned with Expenditure

With Secura’s IaaS platform, you only ever pay for the resources you use, making it incredibly easy to keep your cloud computing costs in-line with your revenues.

Say goodbye to large upfront costs, with no need to buy physical infrastructure at set-up, and benefit from simple, transparent pricing on your monthly resource usage.

Scale on Demand

Rapidly Add or Remove Resource

Platforms hosted on Secura’s IaaS service have the flexibility to scale their cloud infrastructure up and down in-line with business requirements.

Rapidly add or remove CPU, RAM and server storage capacity to support new projects, customers or seasonal fluctuations and easily scale back resource you no longer need.

High Availability

Guaranteed Performance

Secura’s IaaS infrastructure is highly available as standard with no single points of failure across the platform, data centres and network infrastructure.

Resource performance is guaranteed, uncontended and backed by strict SLAs, so you always get the RAM and I/O performance you need to run your website, applications and services.

Secure by Design

Protect Your Data and Customers

Secura’s IaaS solution is secure by design with robust back-up and disaster recovery capabilities to protect your company and customer data.

The VPC is hosted within multiple UK-based Tier III and Tier III + data centre sites and connected by resilient 10Gb/s network infrastructure. Secura and all our data centre partners are fully ISO 27001 accredited.

All platforms can also benefit from the advanced cloud security offered by our Web Protect solution suite. Quickly and simply add fully managed DDoS Mitigation, protection from viruses, malware and ransomware, network intrusion detection and encryption, to protect your critical web services and apps from online attacks.