Flexible, Secure Cloud Hosting
For High Performance E-commerce

Providing the very best experience for customers online is absolutely vital for business revenue and reputation. Secura virtual private cloud infrastructure provides the ideal foundation for fast, reliable and secure online shopping experiences.

Resource based pricing means your infrastructure can be scaled inline with demand, giving you the best-fit platform for your current requirements and you’ll never pay for resource that you don’t need.

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E-commerce Solutions

Key Features & Benefits

  • Secure, highly available infrastructure
  • Scale up and back as required
  • Only pay for the resources you need
  • Cost-effective DR: protect your data
  • Responsive, 24/7 support

Business Benefits

Comprehensive Security

Boost Business and Customer Confidence

The Secura virtual private cloud is designed and implemented in-line with security best practice reference architecture and uses VMware vSphere virtualisation and VMware vCloud Director software.

Every customer solution is completely segregated with an isolated private network, dedicated virtual firewalls and dedicated virtual machines. The platform is hosted within Tier 3 + data centre infrastructure with the very highest level of physical security.

It offers the perfect base for compliance with specific industry and legal regulatory requirements.

Supercharge Your Site

High Performance Experiences

Performance on the virtual private cloud is guaranteed and backed by strict SLAs.

When you need to add additional capacity at any layer of your solution, you pay only for the additional resource you need, making it incredibly straightforward and cost-effective to match performance with the demands being placed on the site.


Protect Your Data

Secure Data Backup and Restore

Protecting your business an customer data is vital and if the worst should happen and you need to restore any part of your solution, it can be done quickly and without loss.

Full diaster recovery replication and backup can be affordably added to your solution for complete peace of mind, all backed with strict performance SLAs.

Scale With Demand

On Trend Scalability

The resources available to your solution can be scaled up and back at anytime to meet your current demands.

If you experience busy periods or seasonal demand, you can scale your resources to keep your site performance at optimum levels and then scale back down when traffic levels return to usual levels.

You only pay for the resources you use, with no one-off payments or hidden service charges.

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