Cloud Disaster Recovery

Introducing Cloud Disaster Recovery; a straightforward and cost-effective Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution for VMware workloads.

Protecting business data and hosting infrastructure, Cloud Disaster Recovery leverages VMware vCloud Availability, and provides rapid recovery of protected VMs.

Our Cloud DR is easy to configure and simple to manage, and can be added to any VMware workload – onsite, from your data centre or from your existing cloud platform.

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DR Protection for Your Platform:

  • Seamless Integration: Built on native VMware vCloud Availability software
  • Simple Setup: Setup and validate DR rapidly
  • No Hardware Purchase: Delivered from our high-performance HPE cloud platforms
  • Cost Effective: flexible per VM pricing, metered storage and usage-based costs
  • Easy to Manage: Management via web portal or directly in vCloud Director

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Features and Benefits

Cloud DR offers a streamlined approach to disaster recovery. The solution is easily managed through VMware vCloud Director or a stand-alone web interface.

This means fast configuration and validation, with simple on-going management. You can maintain complete control over replication, migration and failover, or Secura’s VMware experts can manage all of this for you.

Pricing is transparent and resource based. You’ll only ever pay for the resources you actually need to protect and recover.

You’re In Control

Cloud Disaster Recovery is easy to setup and manage via a web portal or directly in vCloud Director. You can configure your RPO and RTO settings per VM, so you only need to protect those VMs that are vital to your operations, rather then an expensive blanket protection across your whole infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Cloud DR is delivered from Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to purchase additional hardware or software to add DR to your platform.

Cloud Disaster Recovery allows granular control, at a virtual machine level, with metered storage and usage-based pricing model. This flexible billing method enables enterprise-level disaster recovery at an affordable level that can suit any business and infrastructure size.

Rapid Recovery

Using VMware vCloud availability technology, protected VMs can be recovered rapidly at the click of a button (basically the time it takes the VM to boot). You can invoke recovery easily via the Cloud DR web portal, to ensure there is no dependancy on your own VMware infrastructure in the event of an issue.

Each VM can be defined with an RPO as a low as five minutes.


Secura is ISO 270001 certified and our Cloud DR infrastructure is secure by design, to ensure any data stored and protected by Cloud DR is thoroughly secure.

vCloud Availability also encrypts replication traffic for further peace of mind that your data is safe. For a full technical breakdown, view the Cloud DR service sheet below or book a demo.

Download the Cloud Disaster Recovery Service Sheet

Click the link below to download our Cloud DR service sheet as a PDF.

Get the Cloud DR service sheet PDF

Powered by HPE Technology

Our server and storage technologies are supplied by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and underpin all our disaster recovery solutions.

HPE’s 3PAR hardware provides advanced, robust storage technology that enables reliable, rapid recovery of customer data, when they need it most.

This offers a wide range of security benefit options, such as data encryption at the hardware level. Managed by the StoreServ system, the Self-Encrypted Drives (SEDs) come with no performance impact and in the event of drive failure, tampering or theft, the data is completely protected against unauthorised access.

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