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Database Administration as a Service

Tap into the power of a team of experienced DBAs and next generation EngineDB monitoring and management tools with Database Administration as a Service.


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Database Administration
as a Service

Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS) takes care of the maintenance and optimisation of your database, improving cost and work efficiencies for your business.

We understand that the day-to-day maintaining of databases can be complex, costly, and time consuming. Our DBAaaS solution let’s you tap into a team of experienced database administrators (DBAs), to help reduce your IT costs, improve security, increase agility and enhance performance and availability of your database infrastructure.

Next Generation Database Technology

A fully functioning and available database is vital to the health and performance of your applications. Outsourcing the management and maintenance of this vital task via our DBAaaS solution will help reduce risks, cut costs, and improve your agility and quality of service.

DBAaaS is delivered by the database experts at N4Stack, whose 24×7, multi-vendor DBA team is closely aligned to your business to keep your database infrastructure healthy and optimised.

Our expert team of DBAs will optimise and maintain your database using next generation EngineDB monitoring and management tools. The advanced EngineDB solution continuously monitors databases to keep them optimised and highlights any performance issues quickly. Appropriate action can be taken directly through the EngineDB system to implement changes with speed and efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Help Reduce IT Costs

Outsourcing day-to-day database maintenance and optimisation can help reduce costs across a number of areas including OPEX spend, recruitment and overtime costs, as well as training and tooling costs.

Impact Costs:

  • OPEX spend
  • Recruitment and overtime costs
  • Training and tooling costs

Help Reduce Organisational Risks

Using specialist and highly experienced DBAs reduces the organisational risk associated with database management. DBAaaS utilises trained experts with direct vendor access and specialist knowledge who adhere to industry best practice, as well as with the strict SLA guidelines for availability, service and support.

Help Reduce Risks with DBAaaS:

  • Utilise trained experts who adhere to industry best practice
  • Strict SLA guidelines for availability, service and support
  • Direct vendor access and specialist knowledge

Increase Agility

DBAaaS also increases the attention and focus on your database infrastructure, ensuring it is always fit for purpose and aligned to business objectives.

Catering for on-premise, data centre hosted or cloud deployments, DBAaaS can increase business focus on database development and give you access to a larger knowledge pool of database expertise, including guaranteed KPIs and 24×7 optimisation irrespective of platform.

Increased Focus on DB Infrastructure:

  • Increase business focus within database development
  • Access to a larger knowledge pool of database expertise
  • Guaranteed KPIs
  • 24×7 proactive optimisation of databases irrespective of platform
  • On-premise, data centre hosted or cloud deployments catered for

Enhance Quality of Service

We’ve designed DBAaaS to optimise and enhance the performance, security and availability of your database infrastructure. Our security cleared DBAs will get your database operating at its full potential, to support increased availability and workloads. The operational model is also fully ISO:27001 accredited.

DBAaaS – The Service

The Database Administration as a Service offers a detailed and extensive on-boarding process to prepare the ground for effective and responsive on-going management and support of your infrastructure.

On-Boarding: A Full Database Health Check

On-boarding the DBAaaS service addresses a range of development, design, configuration and data migration requirements and provides a full health check of your environment including:

  • Database health check
  • Diagnostic script
  • Backup and services analysis
  • Database instance
  • High availability
  • Space utilisation
  • Performance baseline
  • Service criticality
  • Analysis collected data and outputs

Service and Support

Like all Secura solutions, our pro-active, expert support is available 24x7x365. DBAaaS is no different, and includes a comprehensive range of services to ensure your databases are fully maintained and supported, including:

  • Expert support available 24×7
  • 30 minutes Priority 1 response time
  • Full customer on-boarding
  • Event and incident management
  • Request fulfilment
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Performance tuning
  • DB backup management
  • Patch management

Responsive Request Fulfilment

With DBAaaS, you can request database service changes and enhancements without any additional fees, removing the need for an in-house DBA. These changes can include:

  • Start / stop database services
  • Remove databases
  • Pause / resume / restart / stop an instance of the database
  • Configure a database user and role or permissions
  • Perform / modify / apply a backup of a database transaction log
  • Clear down of database logs
  • Perform database backup
  • Verify a backup operation
  • Run a schema update script
  • Create / modify / remove a database maintenance job
  • Create / amend database mirroring / replication
  • Amend database security policy
  • Configure database mail
  • Data export / import
  • Run a database script
  • Create new / amend / remove schema

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Our DBAaaS is a versatile and flexible way to augment your business with database support and fully qualified expertise.

Get in touch to find out more and discuss how we can shape our Azure management service to your project requirements, business challenges and objectives.

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Secura Managed Azure

Download our DBAaaS Service Sheet

Click the link below to download the Secura Database Administration as a Service specification sheet as a PDF.

Get the DBAaaS sheet PDF.

Technical Specifications

Below is a list of database technologies we can support via the DBAaaS service:

Microsoft SQL Server

  • 2017 / 2016 / 2014 / 2012
  • 2008 R2 / 2008

Oracle Database

  • 12c
  • 11g
  • 10g


  • 2.6
  • 3.x

Cloud BBAaaS

  • AzureSQL
  • CosmosDB
  • RDS
  • Aurora