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Supporting InsurTech SaaS

About TIW Group

TIW Group designs and delivers software for the UK and global insurance and reinsurance markets. Their applications support thousands of users, processing transactions worth millions of pounds every day.

Primarily, TIW applications are delivered as software as a service (SaaS) and make secure, effective communication and collaboration possible between brokers and underwriters.

TIW were dissatisfied with their current provider and were looking for a knowledgable, responsive partner with secure, scalable infrastructure to underpin the SaaS delivery and development of their application suite.

In the case study video below, TIW Technical Director, Warren Gunn, talks about their business, software and the motivations behind their move away from their previous hosting provider.

Warren then explains why the the service, support and solution offered by Secura, made us the right choice as TIW’s partner as they continue to grow and expand their InsurTech software offerings to customers.

SaaS Customer

FinTech SaaS

TIW deliver their insurance solutions as a service, via the VPC, to customers in the UK and abroad.

Virtual Private Cloud User

VPC User

TIW’s applications process secure transactions worth millions of pounds, supported by the Virtual Private Cloud.

I couldn’t take any risks with the migration, and the way that Secura handled it – I would never have been able to do that on my own. The value-add I got was worth every penny I paid for it.

Warren Gunn
Technical Director, TIW Group

TIW Cost Savings Image

Cost Effective

Moving their applications to the VPC allowed TIW Group to make a significant monthly saving on their hosting costs.

TIW Smooth Migration Image

Smooth Migration

A seamless migration was essential and Secura worked closely with TIW to ensure their platform was 100%, before the live migration took place.

TIW Resilient and Secure Image

Secure Platform

The VPC provides a secure, stable foundation for TIW’s applications to process millions of pounds worth of transactions every day.