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About TIW Group

TIW Group designs and delivers software for the UK and global insurance and reinsurance markets. Their applications support thousands of users, processing transactions worth millions of pounds every day.

Primarily, TIW applications are delivered as software as a service (SaaS) and make secure, effective communication and collaboration possible between brokers and underwriters.

TIW were dissatisfied with their current provider and were looking for a knowledgable, responsive partner with secure, scalable infrastructure to underpin the SaaS delivery and development of their application suite.

In the case study video below, TIW Technical Director, Warren Gunn, talks about their business, software and the motivations behind their move away from their previous hosting provider.

Warren then explains why the the service, support and solution offered by Secura, made us the right choice as TIW’s partner as they continue to grow and expand their InsurTech software offerings to customers.

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Warren Gunn, Technical Director, TIW Group

The hosting environment is very critical to our business; it is our business, we have no business without it. All of our systems are in the cloud.

TIW Group was formed in 2006, and we offer services to the London insurance market and the global insurance market generally. Our applications are mostly built around a SaaS model, and we provide document management solutions and also bespoke developments. And where we established TIW is really about collaboration. Technology can be used to bring together brokers and underwriters a lot more effectively than they used to be.

I wanted someone a bit different, I wanted a company with vision, and I wanted a company that understood my business, and that when I rang them up, they would work in my best interest and not theirs.

The main feeling I got from Secura was they were trying to build a business on the back of what I wanted, not what they were looking to achieve. They came in at the right price, they got my infrastructure, they knew how to deliver it and how to migrate it. So on that basis, it was a very easy decision for me to make. On top of that, I was able to reduce my cost of ownership of my entire enterprise, which was phenomenal news for my board, and for my customers because I was able to pass some of those costs on.

We’ve got to ensure with our customers that we offer the highest level of security and control. And we silo off every single customer to ensure that all of the data, all the application layers are all inside their own environment, so there’s no cross-contamination between other customers of TIW. But it also means that if they have a solution or an application or requirement that needs changing, it doesn’t impact anyone else; it’s all in one place.

I was very satisfied with the migration process. They instantly were able to just back everything up, get the VMs ready. Within weeks, I had my entire environment migrated, cloned in Secura. But the beauty of it was I was able to go onto this very self-contained environment in Secura, be able to check absolutely everything.

We’ve got hundreds, if not thousands of users using our services, and those messages have to get to the bureau, those premiums have to be processed. Any one premium value could be 200,000, 10,000, a million pounds – multiply that by the amount of messages in any one day, we’re transacting 100, 200 million pounds worth of business in any one working day, and I couldn’t take any risks with that migration. So the way that Secura handled it – I would have never been able to do that on my own. The value-add that I got from that was worth every penny that I paid for it.

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FinTech SaaS

TIW deliver their insurance solutions as a service, via the VPC, to customers in the UK and abroad.

Virtual Private Cloud User

VPC User

TIW’s applications process secure transactions worth millions of pounds, supported by the Virtual Private Cloud.

I couldn’t take any risks with the migration, and the way that Secura handled it – I would never have been able to do that on my own. The value-add I got was worth every penny I paid for it.

Warren Gunn
Technical Director, TIW Group

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Cost Effective

Moving their applications to the VPC allowed TIW Group to make a significant monthly saving on their hosting costs.

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Smooth Migration

A seamless migration was essential and Secura worked closely with TIW to ensure their platform was 100%, before the live migration took place.

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Secure Platform

The VPC provides a secure, stable foundation for TIW’s applications to process millions of pounds worth of transactions every day.